By Ron Pearson (November, 2011)


This theory arose from an attempt to solve a major problem of the big bang theory that purports to describe and explain creation of the universe. At first I had no intention to connect the theory with support for any spiritual existence. However, the connection appeared with the solution. Another big bonus for the resulting theory was that by 1992 it had predicted the universe must exist in a state of ever-accelerating expansion. This was inherent in the publication in Russia in 1994 and America in 1997, the latter being a scientific journal.

Three astronomers have just been awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering this acceleration, published by Schwarzchild (1998). It shook the cosmologists who all thought the expansion was decelerating. However, they then invented some all-pervading substance called ‘Dark Energy’ with long range powers of repulsion by way of explanation but admit the whole thing is an unresolved mystery.

What is the use of such speculation when they still have no solution to their major problem that dwarfs to insignificance anything their Dark Energy could do?

Great support for the Big Breed theory has therefore recently appeared, since no other theory has yet solved the major problem or solved the Dark Energy Mystery. Then since this solution also shows how spirit worlds can exist as part of physics, those astronomers may have helped spirituality in its need to gain acceptance.

The Major Problem that still Invalidates the Big Bang

The universe of matter is actually made out of energy. The problem was that the big bang posited that all the energy needed to make the universe appeared from nothing in a blinding flash that only lasted for a split second. Then the creation had to switch off. Unfortunately, theorists could find no way to do the switching-off and so the theory predicted a hopelessly high rate of expansion of the universe. In fact it is 1,000 …. to 120 zeros faster than is remotely possible! This is known as the unresolved ‘problem of the cosmological constant’. I wrote, in 1987, to Prof. Paul Davies (1989) about an associated problem I had noticed contained a flaw. In reply he included the big bang theory as derived by Dr Alan Guth. I was horrified to find more flaws! Flaws in logic occurred in almost every line of the derivation.

Since this theory had passed peer review and had become established, it was clear that the theorists had lost important expertise that now resided in my own discipline of mechanical engineering. I knew I would be able to provide an alternative derivation that, being based on sound logic, ought to solve this major problem. I felt the need existed to offer some help in order to return the expertise required to the discipline of physics. With this benign intention in mind, and under the impression that the cross fertilisation between disciplines is encouraged, I made a start.

I now need to explain why two different kinds of energy need to exist before introducing the Big Breed theory. This is best done by relating a brief history of the project.

Why an Alternative to Relativity had first to be derived

Newton’s theories of mechanics and gravitation are normally all that the engineer requires. But now an extension was needed to allow speeds up to that of light and also in extreme gravitational fields to be included. Only Einstein’s theories of relativity were available that permitted calculations under these conditions to be made. Unfortunately ‘special relativity’, which only considers uniform motion in a straight line, could not be used since it was immediately obvious that it contained internal contradiction. This resulted from it being inconsistent with the existence of any background medium such as the old ‘aether’ or the modern ‘quantum vacuum’ (which is not nothing. It is more like a gas).

Even the big bang theory has to accept this background medium exists. Usually they just call it ‘space’ for short instead of quantum vacuum but it means the same thing.

The first requirement was therefore the need to derive a new mechanics to replace Einstein’s special relativity. Then his second theory, ‘general relativity’, which includes acceleration and gravity, also turned out to be unsatisfactory. It is incompatible with quantum theory. The latter is the theory of the atom and is quite different from the mechanics that needs to be used for large scale things like balls or planets. Even so the two theories need to be consistent with one another and all physicists lament they are not. Indeed theorists have been trying since the 60’s to match up these two theories and are still engaged on this futile search without any prospect of success still in sight.

A major reason for the mismatch is the unimaginable concept called, ‘Curved space-time’ that substitutes for a force of gravity in Einstein’s theory of general relativity. This makes it incompatible with quantum theory that needs such a force to exist. What amazes me is that theorists still struggle in attempts to achieve the impossible.

Clearly one needed to start again and derive a satisfactory alternative to both theories of relativity. This appeared very challenging at first but I was surprised to discover that it was not so difficult after-all and a satisfactory solution soon appeared. This was based on the straight-line geometry of Euclid and universal time, just as did Newton’s mechanics.

Surprisingly this matched all the experimental checks that are still regarded as the unique achievements of Einstein’s relativity theories. For example, what he put down to ‘time dilation’ now appeared due to mechanical effects. These caused clocks to tick more slowly but time itself did not alter. This is easy to understand. The same famous equation E = mc2 appeared a different way from Einstein’s method. That equation says E, meaning energy, and mass m are equivalent, being connected by the speed of light c.

The new approach considered the acceleration of an object and this makes things easier to understand. Energy has to be supplied to an object to make it accelerate and adds to that originally present. The end result meant that any object has to be made from two kinds of energy. It has to be made from ‘rest energy’ when it is standing still in the background medium. The energy needed to cause acceleration means that motion also has a form of energy. This is called ‘kinetic energy’. And there has to be a corresponding kinetic mass. So when an object is accelerated its mass also increases.

Make the balance wheel of a clock more massive and the clock ticks more slowly. Exactly the same equation appears as in Einstein’s theory but the meaning is totally different. Despite such differences in meaning, of which this is but one example, both theories are supported equally well by all the experimental checks. Now, however, internal contradiction and incompatibility with quantum theory have been eliminated.

All we need to understand is that all particles and objects consist of the arithmetic sum of two kinds of energy, rest energy and kinetic energy. Each has a corresponding mass.

In the final analysis provided by Exact Classical Mechanics (ECM theory) only energy is seen to be the true constructional material of matter. Mass is the measure of the inertia of energy: i.e of an object. The greater the mass, the greater the force needed for acceleration.

Negative Energies

Now we need to home in onto the creation problem. The big bang broke the rule of ‘Energy conservation’: energy can be neither created nor destroyed. They tried to cover this by balancing the energy needed in ways that broke other laws of physics that I will not go into. However, there is a flaw-free alternative that is used in the Big Breed theory: negative energy. There is nothing strange about this as I will now explain.

Newton’s third law of motion states that to every force of action there is an equal but opposite re-action. You push an object with a force of action and that object pushes back. We assume the force of action points in the same direction as the acceleration produced. Then we find all energies, such as kinetic energy, have to be regarded as positive.

Switch both forces round and all those energies need to be regarded as negative. If the entire universe were made of negative energy, exactly the same responses would occur when one object bumped into another, since the negative effects cancel out.

So, contrary to first impressions, there is nothing strange about the idea of negative energy. We assume a background medium, the source of all matter and the substance of other worlds like those of spirit has to begin to grow from nothing. It consists of particles, to be called ‘primaries’ made of two opposite kinds of energy.

When like collides with like the responses are identical with those of colliding billiard balls, as is to be expected. Strange things happen, however, when opposites collide. They can now cancel one another to leave nothing. Alternatively the converse can happen: so allowing pure creation to occur from nothing.

But what controls which of these effects will actually apply?

The answer is that another law of physics has to be satisfied simultaneously: momentum conservation. The momentum of a particle or object is obtained by multiplying its mass by its velocity. And velocity is speed with direction specified.

Analysis has shown that when just two opposites collide, the need to conserve momentum forces both to gain kinetic energy of their own kind from the void. They keep growing bump by bump with some kinetic energy decaying to rest energy at each bump. They all grow until reaching a critical size, then just as raindrops split when they get too big, so do primaries. In consequence primaries breed like opposite sexes.

So the nothingness of the void is unstable and is liable to spontaneously create primaries, albeit initially at a very slow rate. But now we can predict an explosive development will happen if at some place many of them bump around to start things off.

Analysis shows the rate of expansion due to this collision-breeding effect is huge: it poses a problem similar to that invalidating the big bang theory though many orders of magnitude smaller. Fortunately, however, a solution immediately appears. When the primaries become very crowded, as they will, owing to the breeding going on, it is now possible for many primaries to collide simultaneously. A flow pattern can spontaneously arise in which many primaries converge from all directions to a line or point. Momentum conservation now dictates mutual annihilation. Countless billions of such patterns appear throughout the mix to almost cancel the huge creation still going on. The two processes reach equilibrium with a minute net creation remaining everywhere. And analysis shows the result is that ball-like entity is colonising the void with a small steady and ever-accelerating growth.

The need to invent Dark Energy to explain this acceleration never existed!

There is more to come.

Where annihilation occurs filaments or blobs arise made of primaries of both kinds engaged in mutual annihilation as they squeeze each other out of existence in their motion towards the annihilation centre. The structure is in a dynamic state, being energy fed all the time.

Now mathematicians studying ‘chaos theory’, as beautifully described by Gribbin (2005), have shown that in such a state the most amazing self-organisation invariably happens. Highly complex structures spontaneously appear that could never have been anticipated from the simple starting conditions. The result is a form of evolution taking place, not in matter, since that has not yet appeared. It is evolution of the background medium toward an ever increasingly organised state.

How Quantum theory is Explained

In the 1930’s it was discovered that, in the world of the atom, all aspects of reality, what we normally observe, vanish like the morning mist. All the bits comprising atoms, their ‘sub-atomic particles’ exist in limbo states until somebody tries to measure where they are. They also exist as waves, like ripples on a pond. Then where waves arising from different places cross each other strange ‘interference patterns’ arise. The particles exist mostly where the waves are strongest – and then: wait for it – they collapse into particles on observation!

To make sense of this a famous physicist, Niels Bohr, organised a conference. They came out with the ‘Copenhagen Interpretation’ that said consciousness participated in the creation of matter. Yet they still all believed that only the mortal brain was the seat of consciousness.

So I ask, “How then could matter have existed before brains evolved?”

The answer has to be that consciousness existed prior to the creation of matter and resided in the background medium. This consciousness then designed and created matter.

Where God and Spirit come in

I call the resulting background medium the i-ther meaning ‘intelligent ether’. The structure refines itself by the self-organising power of energy-fed chaos until it acquires a machine-like intelligence. Then further refinement cause small parts to develop consciousness.

God has evolved: not with a male figure shape: it is a huge ever-growing ball, yet the structure is fine grained even as compared to the tiniest sub-atomic particles. Most of i-ther remains in the form of a programmable computer with the minds existing as small more highly organised fractions. These, by thought, are able to program the remainder. God is the totality of all these minds. They all co-operated to design and create the universes of both matter and spirit.

These worlds of spirit and matter are designed and created in the same mathematical way. They use organised vibrations of i-ther as constructional tools to produce what are really virtual realities - such as those we enjoy on our computer screens. There is a difference: they are fully three-dimensional. The i-ther not only carries out the computation: it uses itself as the 3 D screen on which to portray the images. The worlds of matter and spirit co-exist in the same place but, tuned to different vibrational frequencies, they are not normally visible to one another.

Our bodies are part of the picture and so, to human beings, the illusion of total reality is achieved. We are designed to experience this illusion for a while before return to one of the parallel worlds that interpenetrates our own: those of spirit.

Now the fine grain structure includes a vast memory store that psychics call the ‘Acashic Records’. Everything that has happened is stored in them and what is expected to happen in the future is stored there also. However, the historic records are fixed but those of the future can be changed owing to the free will of minds. This fits in with experience. It shows why some people are able to make fairly accurate predictions of future events but accuracy diminishes with the time ahead. There is no need to postulate time does not exist: that instead there is an eternal ‘now’: that all is fixed and pre-ordained. If this was so free-will could not exist.

Some people of remote viewing capability claim to have travelled both into the future and into the past. What they are really doing is reading the records that provide the illusion of making such journeys.

A fascinating ‘must read’ is a new book by Brigitte Rix (2011). She is a highly developed clairaudient medium who writes the story of her deceased mother from before her death until the present. This gives a graphic account of the way one progresses in the world of spirit. One makes things by pure thought. And the products feel just as real and solid as do our own chairs and tables. This gives strong support to the theory by showing how the mind must be programming the i-ther.

One difficulty emerges: the problem of time. All communicators tell us it does not exist for them. Yet how can this be if they progress? I think they mean they have no time reference like our Sun. They can be deluded just as we can be.


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Brigitte Rix (2011): I’m NOT DEAD: I’m ALIVE without a body!
What’s it like after we die?
525 pages £10.99

Ron Pearson
How Science Proves God: Defusing the Conflict. 103 pages
(Written for defusing the conflict still raging in America between Creationists and Evolutionists showing how the resolution could be beneficial to both sides)

Physics Hits the Buffers: Why?
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Written for young non-technical people aspiring to science: 188 pages.
This again is written as a popularisation with no maths but some equations are quoted.


THE BIG BREED THEORY of the creation of the universe
56 pages. This paperback is a short popular introduction with many illustrations. It contains no maths or equations.

Dark Energy Mystery Solved by Big Breed Theory
312 pages. This book provides the maths (calculus) backing the theory.

Quantum Gravity via an Exact Classical Mechanics (ECM theory) 227 pages
PART I is descriptive: PART II gives full mathematical detail.
Ron Pearson
Ron Pearson (Born March, 1925) is a mechanical engineer and former university lecturer in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. He has discovered a structure of the ether that has potential to evolve intelligence, and has provided the mathematics to back up the experiments of Sir William Crookes and Charles Richet. In these experiments, deceased people returned, proving they had survived death.

Pearson provides the theory needed to explain not only telepathy, but also the entire spectrum of the so-called 'paranormal' as testable real effects. It also covers non-locality that no physicists have explained.

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