Scientists Search for Proof of Life After Death

By Светлана Анина (Svetlana Anina)
May, 2003
In her article, Svetlana Anina writes about the Campaign for Philosophical Freedom, and the work of Michael Roll, Ron Pearson, Judith Chisholm, Sir William Crookes, and others.
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May 14, 2003
Published by ПРАВДУ.РУ (Pravda Online) (in Russian).
This article was also published in На грани невозможного ("On the Verge of the Impossible") Issue No. 7 (312).
(Note: The article is still on this site, but 2002 has been changed to 2009.)
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June 4, 2003
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March 30, 2014
Translation into English from the original Russian: Пол Рид
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Scientists Search for Proof of Life After Death

By Светлана Анина (Svetlana Anina)
May, 2003
Rendered into English from the original Russian by Пол Рид (March, 2014)
In November 2002, Internet sites have been reporting to the general public for the first time evidence that human life continues after physical death - that is not religious, mystical, but secular and materialistic.
This has alarmed not only lay people, but also scholars.

After all, until now, many had rejected out of hand all arguments about a 'hereafter' as pure mysticism, which we can know nothing about.

And then suddenly...

What Happened?

Apparently, it was possible to demonstrate the 'materialization' of some 'light'!

And then there were questions:

Why not repeat this experiment, but using the latest recording equipment?

After all, in Cambridge, there is a respected professor of physics who would help out. The necessary equipment is also available.

After that, events began to develop with surprising speed.

November 30, 2002 - Psychic News published an article by Michael Roll (Bristol, Great Britain) entitled "Let's film of the proof of survival after death".
This article began: Letter from Michael Roll to Lyn G. de Swarte (September 8, 2002)

"I was very excited to read Violet Eccles account of the phenomena that is being produced via the physical mediumship of David Thompson - "dead", recently deceased, internationally famous people, fully materialising, speaking in the same voices they had on Earth, walking around the room and shaking hands with their old friends in the audience!

This is it, the crushing scientific proof of survival after death that we have all been waiting for. The experimental proof that matches up with Ronald Pearson's discoveries in subatomic physics."

Michael Roll continued:

"All that has to be done now is to call in Professor Peter Wadhams, a physicist from Cambridge University."

Why him?

Professor Wadhams has acknowledged that pioneering experiments performed a very long time ago in the 19th century, by Sir William Crookes, with the participation of a medium, were genuine. And if each person on Earth could now see a video recording of these "miracles", they would not require further evidence. Experts accept that the scientific proof of life after death has already existed for over a century, and the study of immortality is an area of science, and not of religious faith.

This subject is the focus of the lectures in London and other cities given by Judith Chisholm.

Who is she?

The founder of The Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) & Transcommunication Society of Great Britain & Ireland.

Put simply, it is the voices of those who have already left our world and now communicate with the living by means of the modern equipment, such as phones, radio, tape recorders, TVs, and computers. Recorded "transcommunications" of voices testify that these people continue to exist after death, but on another plane of life. In the past, Judith Chisholm had no involvement at all with such matters, and wrote fictional prose for The Sunday Times.

In 1992, Judith unexpectedly lost her son Paul, and could not reconcile herself to the fact that he was gone, and she was determined to find him, wherever he was. Two years went by, and there was no communication with her son. But then, her persistent search resulted in contact through electronic voice phenomena. Since then, mother and son have been chatting regularly. Judith has collected many recordings of similar dialogues with people who were thought to have gone forever. And in her lectures, she plays some of these recordings for her audience to hear.

A couple of years ago, sensational articles about scientific research into the near-death experiences appeared. Specifically, there were attempts by scientists to find out whether after clinical death, patients really experience something special before they are resuscitated and return to life.
The results of this research, which was carried out by Dr Peter Fenwick and Dr Sam Parnia in Southampton, are known all over the world, and they have shaken even theologians.

It turns out that the soul is something incomparably more three-dimensional than mere consciousness, and the postmortem state is not connected in any way to a brain and is not dependent on oxygen starvation of its tissue or on medication.
The religious convictions of the patient do not make any difference to the postmortem state experienced - research has been done on both believers and atheists.

Naturally, questions began to arise: are mind and consciousness really products of brain activity?
Or, can the brain perform the function of an intermediary, processing information, and can this information come from outside?

And Dr Fenwick then said that if the mind and brain can be independent of each other, there follow questions about the possibility of existence of consciousness after death.
Dr Parnia, in turn, has admitted that when he began these experiments, he was a dyed-in-the-wool sceptic, but he is now compelled to agree that there is something to all this.

Arguments Unto Death About Life and Death

For two years now, there has existed a British Internet site run by The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom.

The site makes easily accessible the information that it is possible not only to repeatedly demonstrate the phenomenon of posthumous existence, but also to prove it with physics and mathematics.
The site has so far been visited by more than a hundred thousand people.

October 17, 2002 - In one of his articles, Michael Roll recounted how during a 4-hour radio program in which he took part, a spiritualist attempted to corner him by claiming that present-day researchers were not having any success in finding a medium of the calibre that were found in the 19th century by Sir William Crookes. Now - says Roll - when they have access to such a medium, spiritualists do their best to not allow groups of physicists from Cambridge to carry out repeated experiments under laboratory conditions and to prove that people continue to live after the death of the physical body.

Yes, all of us will die. And all of us have already lost loved ones. This is why these revolutionary discoveries of scientists belong to all people on earth. Opposition scientists are also taking action.

Roll calls them out.

In 1999, he wrote a paper, which he hoped to present at the 23rd international conference of the Society of Psychical Research.
It was called: A Rational Scientific Explanation For So-Called Psychic Phenomena

The paper recounts that two grant-aided students of Trinity College (Cambridge) Dr Richard Wiseman (he was awarded a grant of 150 thousand pounds sterling) and Dr Susan Blackmore (the sum of 60 thousand pounds) continually appear on television, trying to prove the theory that is already doomed: That the brain and consciousness are the same.

In their view, if the brain dies, the mind cannot exist, because the mind is a product of the brain.

Susan Blackmore used her grant to write a book in which she shows that the post-mortem state, which survivors of clinical death have talked about, is caused by chemical processes in a dying brain, which is why it no more than hallucinations.
No scientist is allowed the right to question this established theory.

At least, in public.

And few people know that there is a different point of view, backed up by authorities in science, people with scientific degrees - they are simply excluded from the discourse, their work is ignored, statements from them are not allowed.

And then there is the Internet. The website for The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom presents a set of articles and the relevant scientific developments. In particular, articles by Ronald Pearson – the scientist who has provided a mathematical substantiation for a set of research experiments proving that the death of the physical body does not lead to the disappearance of the person.
Pearson’s work on subnuclear particles gives us the missing link – the mathematical theory that corroborates the experiments.

Who is Ronald Pearson?

It appears that he has long been known to our scholars here in Russia.
The Russian Academy of Sciences published R D Pearson's works in 1993 and 1994.
But before that, Pearson wrote many works, such as Intelligence Behind the Universe and Origin of Mind.

In 1997, he published his most interesting (and most readily understandable, to my mind) work: The Key to Consciousness: Quantum Gravitation.
And after that, his paper «CONSCIOUSNESS AS A SUB-QUANTUM PHENOMENON» was published in the USA.
Ronald Pearson's publications are intended for general public - each paper has the mathematical background accessible even to the sixth-grader.

In September, 2002, Pearson published a 56-page pamphlet.
This pamphlet lays out the physics that provides the foundation for life after death that displaces or refutes some of the established paradigms in cosmology.
The new physics proves that consciousness is capable of surviving the death of the physical body.
However, to get a copy of this work (as with many other works by Pearson), is only possible by mail from the author.

That fact that many of Pearson's works are subject to censorship from the British Society for Physical Research, and are not published by the majority of magazines and newspapers, is testimony to the fact that these ideas represent a threat to orthodox teaching.

If it were a load of nonsense, Pearson’s work would be subject to broad discussion and his arguments would be crushed.

But that has not happened!

He is simply ignored.

Experiments Continue

A new stage in experimental research began in the 1980s.
It became possible to obtain proof that could not be provided by the experiments of Sir William Crookes.
It was possible to arrange (and not just once!) for recently deceased people to meet their friends, colleagues, and relatives who were still alive.

Basically, this was a continuation of the experiments done in those years when scientists were helped by the Englishwoman [sic] Helen Duncan.
And since her death in 1956, every serious researcher of matters of life after death hopes to obtain phenomena similar to this medium.
Unfortunately, hardly any scientific work was done with the participation of Helen Duncan, though it was acknowledged that her mediumistic abilities were simply amazing, and that probably no one else could do what she is capable of.

A number of books and articles have been written about Helen Duncan.
But few will know that in 1944, she was tried on charges of witchcraft, and found guilty.
And in 1956, during a police raid, she was killed.

In the 1980s, experiments were carried out with the participation of another medium – Rita Goold.
And with her help in Leicester in 1982, a meeting was arranged, in which the late Helen Duncan communicated with her daughter – Gena Brealey.
Gena left this meeting with the firm conviction that the experiment was genuine.

The full report was not published until five years later, in 1987, in the third issue of Anomaly, the Journal of Research into the Paranormal, issued by the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP).
And some details that were published by journalist Alan Cleaver (now, editor of the Hampshire Chronicle).

The meetings were attended by the medium Rita Goold and her husband Stephen, their friends Pat and Barry Jeffery, as well as the aforementioned journalist Alan Cleaver.
On contact with this group the spirit named Helen Duncan began to appear, but they needed to check its identity with the help of the one person who would know Helen well.
In August 1982, they decided to invite her daughter Gena to attend their meeting.

The journalist tells us that, to communicate with spirits at such meetings, something similar to a megaphone was used, with fluorescent paint on the edges – the megaphone amplifies the audible voice.

For some reason, the medium removes a watch, then sits down at a distance of 2-2.5m from the others and enters into a trance. The light is switched off.

Usually at the beginning of a communication session, Helen Duncan materialised, but this time the first to appear was Russell Byrne, who died of a cancer aged nine, twenty years previously.
On most occasions, he also speaks like a nine-year old (so he can be more easily identified), but sometimes as an adult.
His voice carried from that pipe (or a bell) with fluorescent points around the edges.
And then there was that memorable conversation between Helen Duncan and Gena. Except for a short break in mid-session, these two chatted away for altogether over an hour

Since most of this conversation was strictly personal (about the current family life, etc.), Gena requested that this information not be disclosed.
And not everyone present was able to understand this conversation either: Firstly, because of the multiplicity of words in the Scottish dialect, which mother and daughter spoke. (Some of these words Gena translated afterwards into normal English).
And secondly, because they used names and places, about which no one present knew anything.
And Gena subsequently confirmed that she was in no doubt that this was the voice of her mother, who had been dead already for over a quarter of a century!

For the past few years, physics, biology, and computer science have significantly expanded the possibilities for the study of psi phenomena. And the only thing that scientists require is a balance in the mass media of the different points of view on this issue.
In 1996, the results of many years of research proved that a person thinks and perceives information in an external field structure.
And this is not news.

At the beginning of the century, genetics proved that the living organism is influenced by an external information field.
It was named морфогенным (morphogenesis).
Fortunately, scientists are slowly starting to return to ancient truths, the essence of which is that all the data about the destiny of people is stored in the information fields in the universe.

Now researchers are hoping for the help of another medium, David Thompson, and there was a message about that on October 12, 2002.
In the meantime, we will wait and see what happens.

Oh, and while they, in the West, are looking for suitable mediums, we in Russia are going our own way.

As always.

Russia Does not Understand Mind

First of all, we should not forget that Russia is a country of predominantly Orthodox faith.
Russians have no doubt that people live on Earth more than once.

Then the hierarchy of the Christian church gathered for one of its 'get-togethers' and decided that reincarnation does not exist, and this concept should be withdrawn.
People were virtually deprived with hopes for a meeting their loved ones in the other world.

The church has reserved all rewards and punishments for deeds.
Only the church can administer renunciation, for example, or give favour (absolving sins).
Oh, and for the unbelievers (or infidels), there awaits a blazing inferno.

Death is the outcome and the end all.
And for this reason, people tear their hair out and fill in the world with tears, as they bid farewell to loved ones at the grave.
Talk to your priest – and he will be certain to tell you that any thoughts of future lives come from the Devil.

The evil experiments of the Russian scientists, using devices with power modulation to show the activity of an organism after its clinical death.

The ’villainous’ Russian doctor Konstantin Korotkov writing about 'new facts about the journeys of the soul', outlined in his book 'The Light after life’ about experiments conducted by Petersburg scientists on the basis of the 'Kirlian effect' (gas-discharge visualization) using the latest advances in physics, psychology, psychophysics, biology and other sciences. Korotkov, incidentally, is one of the world's foremost experts on the 'Kirlian effect' and has been working in the area for over a quarter of a century.

The assumption that once created, information is retained and somehow revealed in the universe, is gaining more and more ground.
This greatly contributed to the works of Russian scientists and their discoveries in the field of bioenergy informatics.

’Evil’ theoretical physicist, I Shipov assumes that in the world, there exist not four, but seven levels of reality, not four, but five fundamental interactions, and that at a level of the physical vacuum, all information manifested may be real, but a material carrier of information can be a spin-off.
Not that it matters, whether it is called, 'Divine', 'absolute', 'world of ideas', 'Supercomputer', 'cosmic intelligence' or ’energy information space', but there is, as in a giant computer with infinite memory and unlimited time, there is information about everything, and sometimes the 'computer' may be accessed by a person, a human brain.

People with those abilities have always been there.

However, normal people require technical assistance.

The Russian Federation has developed a qualitatively new and commercially available alternator for imaging.
At its base, the device for computer registration of variations of the state of the human organism, allows direct input of kirlianovsk images to the computer, and so on.

This device has helped translate research postmortem states to a new level. All the teachings and testimonies obtained through mystical or religious insights and research experimentally, unanimously agreed that the soul can leave the body, to exist outside of it, to see the other worlds, and then returned to the body (old or new) and to continue his earthly existence. Its existence is not interrupted even after its perishable container ceases to function.

And people have known this for a long time.

What we Already Know

It was found that a man as a complex biological object space-field 3D structure is not constrained by the boundaries of the body and extends beyond it.
More precisely, it has no boundaries, and there is in all space, and is subject to change as we move away from the object.

In the society of mankind, every individual is an elementary cell of unified energy and information structure.
It has the energy and information components, and it exists - with the formation of the energo-informational phantoms - simultaneously in all space-time, albeit with a different resolution.
The phantom can exist independently of its 'owner', that is, to form something like a soliton - a solitary wave. And in the physical absence of the person at this point in space, after its death.

According to physicists A E Akimova and V N Bingi, individual consciousness is able to change the structure of space-time, i.e. 'exist as a special kind of torsion phantom.'
P P Gariaev writes in one of his works, that phantom is a wide range of phenomena associated with the generation of physical field and (or) other structures that are more or less accurate representations of objective or subjective reality.

Gariaev argues that these phantoms could exist even after moving their prototype in space-time, i.e. when it is separated and even destroyed.

And here's the very latest information.

In the first issue of the magazine ’Miracles and Adventures’ in 2003, the article ’Otherworldly witnesses’ said that Russian criminal psychologists had learned to' take statements' even from corpses. More precisely, the information and energy structure, i.e., the phantom.
This, at least, could tell if a victim died a violent death, or as a result of suicide, or met with an accident.

Depending on the changing picture and luminescent character that emanates from the dead body. For three days about 8 thousands of pictures of that luminescence were taken and sent for computer analysis. 'So the corpse gives testimony', the article says.
Of course, the phantom may be connected with certain material objects (with the body of the deceased, his possessions, etc.).

Hence the appearance of phantoms, spirits, poltergeist jokes. In other words, the material and the ideal are uniform, internally inseparable. And while there is some population of this species, and its information spatial structure, phantoms of specific people can exist in it sustainably and ambiguously.
It apparently gives the so-called reincarnation memories and sense of déjà-vu, i.e. as though translates the received information into a practicable plan.

This most often happens in children, as well as adults in certain states of mind when under the influence of hypnosis, meditation, stress, etc.
The phantom is that much stronger, the more powerful the outrage in the information field people made during his lifetime. It is no coincidence that for a certain class of mentally ill people, displacing its own structure, and the phantom stranger, says K Korotkov, naturally, that this phantom more often turns out to be a phantom of Hitler or Stalin, Napoleon than the phantom of janitor Petrov.

How many such 'projections' might there be?

As many as necessary, as the possibility of resonance of different people with the same phantom in principle is not limited.
On the other hand, if there is a structuring and restructuring, it is possible, that is, disposal of the person of harmful influence of the structures perceived. This is based on the correction of the energy-information.
Victor Yurievich Rogozhkin, Director of the Research Center ’ENIO' (Rostov-na-Donu), specializes in this correction.

And he believes that death is the ’rewriting' of all the accumulated mental and spiritual information (including mistakes), total energy-informational complex in the next birth.
The channel to the full reading and rewriting of information opens about six months before his death. Therefore it is impossible to finish life by suicide.
It is impossible impede the person who has departed from this life, that is, his soul, his never-ending laments, not crying at a funeral or memorial service, you cannot kiss the deceased and take his things, it is impossible to go to the cemetery for pregnant women and children.
Otherwise there are "rewriting" programs for the appropriate energy of people, especially the young.

In brief, natural death is an intimate process, and it does not endure crowds and frenzy. Those departing require only a gentle farewell.
According to V J Rogozhkin in his book 'Eniology', owing to the infinite number of errors made by us (in particular, mass game-wars, terrorism, abortion, etc.) on Earth, the situation is intolerable 'overcrowding of the astral plane with dead and not the deceased into the next incarnation.
And this is also environmental pollution, only energy information.

And then there are the following words of Rogozhkin:
For those who have already begun to understand the reality of this world, one can only advise: Try, dare and do not be afraid that someone will think or say you are wrong ...
If you want to understand the meaning of what is happening, the universe will always provide you with this opportunity. '

Светлана Анина (Svetlana Anina)
May, 2003