Interesting Programme on BBC Radio 4: "Christmas Spirits" - Repeat on January 1, 2004

Thursday January 1, 2004 - 16:30-17:00 (30 mins)

Expert does not attack survival after death on the BBC!

On December 24, 2003, BBC Radio 4 featured a factual report of experiments that were carried out with a materialisation medium called Minnie Harrison in the 1940s and 50s.

What was unusual about this programme, which gave convincing evidence that we all survive the death of our physical bodies and that the invisible part of the universe is teeming with life, is that we were spared the usual hatchet job from psychologists masquerading as experts on the subject. Psychologists who have started from the orthodox scientific base that death is the end of everything - that the mind and brain are the same.

Instead, the psychologist who was invited to comment on the programme was Professor David Fontana, a former President of the Society for Psychical Research, with a good track record of standing up to the "experts" that until now have monopolised media and educational outlets - Professors Richard Wiseman and Chris French together with Dr. Susan Blackmore backed up with James Randi!

As this programme only ran for 30 minutes, Prof. Fontana did not have time to let the Radio 4 listeners know that these experiments, which were carried out by enthusiastic amateurs, were only an extension to the experiments that had already been completed and published by teams of international scientists who also worked with materialisation mediums who were as advanced as Minnie Harrison was.Here we are talking about repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions that actually proved there are people operating in the invisible part of the universe who once lived on Earth.

Sir William Crookes started the ball rolling in 1874 with his British team of scientists, closely followed by the Nobel Laureate for Medical Science Prof. Charles Richet with a French team: Prof. Schrenck Notzing with a German team: Dr. Glen Hamilton with a Canadian team and Dr. Crawford with an Irish team.

Full details and references are to be found on the following websites:

These revolutionary experiments, for which we now have the mathematical backup, confirm that the model of the universe that is being presented by cosmologists is incorrect. It's no mystery why so few people know about this secular scientific case for survival.

Please pass on this information.

Michael Roll

More Censorship: Gary Schwartz's Experiments with Dream Detective Chris Robinson

To all those reading survival after death as a secular scientific subject:

The Society for Psychical Research has censored Professor Gary Schwartz's report of the experiments he carried out with the dream detective Chris Robinson.

Millions saw Chris Robinson on the Richard and Judy Show. My report of this was published on the front page of Psychic News.

I am a raging sceptic, therefore it had to be good to impress me. However, I am not sceptical about the fact that we all survive the death of our physical bodies, because it has been proved beyond any shadow of doubt - through repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions backed up with a mathematical theory.

The SPR has officially censored my Rita Goold report giving crushing back up to the pioneering experiments carried out by Crookes, Richet, and many others. In these experiments with Rita Goold, six recently deceased people materialised every time Rita gave a demonstration. Mothers and fathers were physically reunited with their "dead" children.

This is much too close to the truth to be published in England where the Church and the state are still established, and orthodox scientific teaching starts from the base that death is the end of everything. There are far too many powerful fat cats at the top with a great deal to lose from the truth. Keep the masses in ignorance is the name of the game, the same as it has always been. This blocking of the truth is turning out to be a good thing, because the longer uncomfortable discoveries in physics that belong to the people are censored by organisations that are pretending to be looking into the subject, then the bigger explosion of public anger when people eventually find out what is going on.

Thanks to the Internet, and North American broadcasters with the guts to tell the truth, millions are now getting the number of the obscurants.

Michael Roll


Oxford Scientist Launches Sharp Critique of Religion

Richard Dawkins lectures on the presence of religion in science

From: The Harvard Crimson (November 20, 2003):
"Despite the massive costs religion has imposed on human society, it persists because children do not question their parents' beliefs, renowned Oxford scientist Richard Dawkins argued in a fiery lecture last night at Lowell Lecture Hall.

Before a packed house of 450 community members, faculty and students, Dawkins argued that the widespread presence of religion-despite its lack of obvious benefits-suggests that it was not an evolutionary adaptation.

Rather, he argued, religion is a societal norm that stems from children's psychological tendencies.

"It is their unique obedience that makes them vulnerable to viruses and worms," Dawkins said.

Society provides a breeding ground for the "virus" of religion by labeling children with the religion of their parents. Children, in turn, absorb these beliefs because they are conditioned to do so.

Though it is universal, Dawkins said, religion is not widely beneficial.

Rejecting the theory of many of his contemporaries, Dawkins argued that religion has not helped people to adapt or to survive. Beyond acting as a source of solace, religion provides no protection against diseases or physical threats."

A person who is faced with a lion is not put at ease when he's told that it's a rabbit," Dawkins said.

Religion, in Dawkins' view, not only provides false comfort-it is actively divisive and harmful. Designated as Christians or Muslims by their parents, children are apt to face the discrimination associated with these labels, Dawkins said.Dawkins pointed to the example of Protestant fundamentalists in Belfast spitting at young Catholic girls merely because their parents labeled them Catholic.

He said these labels also preclude children from making independent decisions as adults regarding their beliefs.

"Religion should be something for children to choose or not when they become old enough to do so," Dawkins said.

"The child is not [naturally] a Christian child, but a child of Christian parents." (...)"

ITC Thought Police at it Again

To all those fighting for a balance on media and educational outlets

The British Thought Police have now made their move.

The law demands that the minds of our children be indoctrinated with the supernatural absurdities contained in the Christian religion every day at school - dangerous and divisive hatred that is tearing the world apart - but children are not allowed access to what mediums are saying on programmes such as "Crossing Over" and "6ixth Sense", broadcast on the satellite channel Living TV.

The revised code of the Independent Television Commission states:
"Demonstrations of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and similar practices are acceptable only when they are clearly and explicitly presented as entertainment..."

The Terrible Truth is Coming Out: Biblical Defense of Slavery. Today.

From: (November 2, 2003) by Austin Cline:

"In the 19th century and earlier, many Christians used the Bible to defend the practice of slavery - that may not be something that is widely known, but it really shouldn't be surprising. What is surprising, however, is that there are people who are trying to do the same thing today, defending slavery as it existed in the American South.The Idaho Statesman reports:
"Slavery as it existed in the South was not an adversarial relationship with pervasive racial animosity," [Doug Wilson's and Steve Wilkins'] booklet reads. "Because of its dominantly patriarchal character, it was a relationship based upon mutual affection and confidence. There has never been a multi-racial society which has existed with such mutual intimacy and harmony in the history of the world." ... [Wilkins] said the [League of the South] frowns upon "race-mixing," and believes that slavery was not the social injustice some people have made it out to be.

"This group is totally opposed to democracy," [Mark Potok, editor of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Report magazine] said. "Wilkins and others believe the Civil War was an attack on the last true Christians. They say the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery and the North tried to destroy God's land."
Yes, there continue to exist Christians who defend racism and slavery from a biblical perspective - and we're not talking about Ku Klux Klan extremists, either. These people are active in speaking at churches and other civic organizations, spreading a message of religious hatred and bigotry. In February of 2004, Black History Month no less, Wilson will speak at a history conference at the University of Idaho. It's like inviting a Holocaust denier to a symposium on Jewish history."

Poet Benjamin Zephaniah Publicly Rejects Order of the British Empire

BBC Newsnight (November 27, 2003)

Jeremy Paxman interviewed the black poet and philosopher Benjamin Zephaniah, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, and the black Conservative peer Lord Taylor.

Benjamin Zephaniah

Benjamin Zephaniah

At last the truth about the British Christian "Empire" is hitting millions.

Arthur Findlay's suppressed history of mankind 'The Curse of Ignorance' completely vindicated.

For a long time now, the very influential Benjamin Zephaniah has been telling the truth about our "glorious Empire" and tearing into the Bush/Blair crusade. In order to appease him, Tony Blair offered him the Order of the British Empire (OBE). Zephaniah turned it down in a blaze of publicity. He put up such a good case against the "Empire" that Yasmin Alibhai-Brown agreed there and then to send her MBE back to the palace!

Benjamin Zephaniah was not against awards as such, just this crazy business about pretending the Christian colonists were goodies.

Lord Taylor agreed with all they were saying. However, he argued that they should fight the corrupt system from within and not from outside.

Once it goes, it will go big time. Keeping the truth from the British people for so long is just the same as a pressure cooker with a broken safety valve.


Arthur Findlay is no Longer in The Arthur Findlay College

To the very successful "dream detective" Chris Robinson:

Chris Robinson wrote to the US Embassy warning them that an attack was about to take place just before September 11, 2001. He received this warning from good people who are living in the etheric universe - the universe that is not even recognised by orthodox scientific teaching throughout the world!

You are of course quite right, Chris. All types of mediumship do come within my field of research. However, mediumship will only get the correct coverage it deserves once we have crashed through the powerful religious and scientific establishment barriers.

As you know, the public have no idea whatsoever that there is any scientific backup for what you are doing and what the mediums on Living TV are doing. This is my task on Earth, just to hit people with the scientific backup for mediumship - the censored repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions that actually prove survival after death, together with the mathematical backup that we now possess. This comes within the scientific discipline of subatomic physics - the study of the invisible part of the universe.

This is the only thing that is being censored by the religionists and materialists who have so much to lose from the crushing scientific proof of survival after death. This is why Jeff Rense and I just concentrated on the proof of survival during our last broadcast on November 25. This is now on permanent record for any person with a computer to listen to - - the repeatable experiments carried out and photographed by the Canadian scientist Dr. Glen Hamilton.

My work is so dangerous that it is not only blocked by the hierarchy of the Society for Psychical Research, but it is also blocked by the hierarchy of the Spiritualist movement. For example, I have done six worldwide broadcasts with Jeff Rense and not one has been featured in Psychic News or Psychic World. This is because I am following Arthur Findlay's secular scientific approach to the subject of survival. The Spiritualist hierarchy has declared war on Arthur Findlay and everything he stood for. It's impossible to read the work of Findlay and have anything to do with religion. We would rather die than take part in a religious service. Spiritualism is now an officially recognised one-god religion, they even have ministers of religion for goodness sake!

Every intelligent person--like my mother, who named me after Findlay--has been excommunicated. It's very clever really. This is what is known as infiltrating and destroying from within. Those within The Arthur Findlay College have managed to get rid of all the followers of Arthur Findlay.Bloody funny really if it were not so tragic.

Michael Findlay Roll



From the website of the Independent Television Commission:
ITC Logo
Following a public consultation earlier this year, the ITC has confirmed a revision to the Programme Code, which applies to all ITC licensees.
The consultation was on Section 1.10 of the Code, addressing the issue of "Psychic Practices".

The ITC received over 200 responses from licensees, organisations and individuals. After consideration of these responses, including the need to limit child viewing of psychic practices, the Code wording has been revised as follows:

1.10 The Occult and 'Psychic' Practices
1.10(i) Exorcisms and the Occult
Actual demonstrations of exorcisms and occult practices, such as those involving the purported invocation of unknown spirits of the dead or negative forces, are not acceptable in non-fictional programming except in the context of a legitimate investigation. They should not, in any case, be shown before the watershed.
1.10(ii) Other Paranormal and related Issues

NB These paragraphs refer only to issues dealt with outside a religious or doctrinal context.


Livingstone says Bush is 'greatest threat to life on planet'

Bush Is 'Greatest Threat To Life On The Planet' Says The Mayor Of London
Article by Nigel Morris, Home Affairs Correspondent, The Independent (UK) (November 18, 2003)
(Note: This article is no longer on the original website)

From the article:
"Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, launched a stinging attack on President George Bush last night, denouncing him as the "greatest threat to life on this planet that we've most probably ever seen".

His provocatively timed comments, on the eve of Mr Bush's arrival in London tonight, threaten to create severe embarrassment for the Prime Minister. They also come with talks under way on whether to re-admit Mr Livingstone to the Labour Party before his five-year exile ends.

Although he made his many differences with the Government on a range of issues clear, he reserved his strongest comments for the American President in an interview with The Ecologist magazine.

The President's three-night trip, which will culminate on Friday with a visit to the Prime Minister's Sedgefield constituency, has sparked a flood of protests from those opposed to his foreign policy. But Mr Livingstone's outburst makes him one of the most high-profile and explicit of his critics.

Mr Livingstone recalled a visit at Easter to California, where he was denounced for an attack he had made on what he called "the most corrupt and racist American administration in over 80 years". He said: "Some US journalist came up to me and said: 'How can you say this about President Bush?' Well, I think what I said then was quite mild. I actually think that Bush is the greatest threat to life on this planet that we've most probably ever seen. The policies he is initiating will doom us to extinction."

Mr Livingstone, who is holding a "peace party" for anti-war groups in City Hall tomorrow, added: "I don't formally recognise George Bush because he was not officially elected. So we are organising an alternative reception for everybody who is not George Bush."

He said he supported stronger links between European Union countries only because he wanted to see a powerful bloc emerge to rival the United States. "The American agenda is sweeping everything before it, and although it's not perfect, the EU is better on environmental issues. It's a less rapacious form of capitalism."

The Mayor said he had viewed Labour's 1997 election manifesto as a "load of old guff they'd come out with because they didn't want to upset the Daily Mail" that would rapidly be ditched. "I was amazed when it transpired that Blair had been serious," he said.Accusing Mr Blair of suffering from a "background problem", he said: "There is nothing in his past that was radicalising. He wasn't interested in all the great student activities, the radical campaigns."


Terrible Lies about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was reading survival as a branch of physics!

The following statement from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle MD makes it very clear why the religious and scientific establishments have used their Dr. Goebbels propaganda machine to destroy the reputation of this brilliant research scientist.

The vicious attack on Sir Arthur has been so successful that, like Sir William Crookes and Sir Oliver Lodge, he is always described as a gullible idiot along the following lines:

"Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, what a brilliant mind, but such a pity that the old boy went completely mad and started dabbling in Spiritualism."

If the lie is big enough, and it is repeated often enough, then there is a very good chance of getting away with it - especially if the liars have total command of all media and educational outlets with unlimited amounts of money behind them.

As far as the priests and their pseudo-scientific allies are concerned, Conan Doyle, Crookes, and Lodge have committed the most heinous "crime" imaginable - they have dared to link the study of survival after death with natural and normal forces in the universe - subatomic physics, the study of the invisible part of the universe. The very last thing they were doing was "dabbling" in the religion of Spiritualism!

"Physical manifestations of external intelligence should convince anyone who thinks seriously upon the subject that he is in the presence of fixed laws, and that it is not a sporadic succession of miracles, but a real science which is being developed."

- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle MD
Michael Roll

Pamphlet Updated: The Scientific Proof of Survival After Death

This important pamphlet by Michael Roll has been revised and updated.

The Scientific Proof of Survival After Death - Pamphlet by Michael Roll

Download The Scientific Proof of Life After Death as a PDF file.

There are two expert opinions as to what so-called paranormal phenomena are, but in this "free" country the British people are only allowed access to the explanation that is politically correct, the first version that is listed below, because it is no danger to the powerful religious and scientific establishments:
1. Paranormal Phenomena Do Not Exist
The mind and the brain are the same.

This is the official teaching across all scientific disciplines. The parapsychologist Dr. Susan Blackmore has been given complete freedom of every radio and television programme that is meant to be examining the subject. This is because she is the establishment mouthpiece and can be relied upon to never mention what is revealed in this pamphlet. Dr. Blackmore protects the scientific establishment's adopted stance, which only gives a materialistic model of the universe. Professor J. Wheeler, a top physicist, stated in 1994 that acceptance of survival or paranormal phenomena would destroy the basis of science as taught in our universities.

2. Paranormal Phenomena Do Exist
The mind and the brain are separate.

This pamphlet carries on where Crookes, Lodge and Logie Baird left off. This is what we are never allowed to hear on radio and television or read about in scientific magazines and large circulation papers.

"The suppression of uncomfortable ideas may be common in religion and politics, but it is not the path to knowledge, it has no place in the endeavour of science."
Carl Sagan. "Cosmos" 1980

UK Television: The Folly of Believing in Priestcraft - Exposed at Last

Panorama: Sex and the Holy City

BBC One Television, Sunday October 12, 2003

We are no longer fighting alone against the great religious hoax on the human race.

This programme dared to tell the truth about just how badly people are being deceived by their corrupt leaders and teachers who are pretending to have the creator of the universe on their side. They even told how the Pope refused to let the parents of an eight year old child have an abortion. She had been raped! Thankfully, the parents defied the peddlers of supernatural fiction in the Vatican.

Only a few days ago, the Archbishop of Canterbury went to pay his respects to the Pope!

It will not be long now before the Vatican, its agents, and its scientific allies, who have started from the base that death is the end of everything, will be exposed for deliberately blocking uncomfortable discoveries in physics that belong to every man, woman, and child on Earth. No obscurantist is censoring the secular scientific case for survival from a base of ignorance - They all know what we know: there is no room for a faith or a belief system now that we have the scientific proof that we all survive the death of our physical bodies without any help whatsoever from priests, mullahs, rabbis or "holy" men.

"Any unexplained phenomenon passes through three stages before the reality of it is accepted:

During the first stage it is considered laughable.
During the second stage, it is adamantly opposed.
Finally, during the third stage, it is accepted as self-evident."

- After Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 - 1860)

"When Science Collides with the Paranormal" - Article in The Sunday Telegraph (September 14, 2003)

Robert Matthews, the science editor of The Sunday Telegraph, has let the cat out of the bag.

Robert Matthews makes it very clear that it is "utterly beyond the pale" for any scientist to link so-called paranormal phenomena with the scientific discipline of subatomic physics - the study of the invisible part of the universe. He reports the fact that our 1973 Nobel Laureate for Physics, Professor Brian Josephson, Trinity College Cambridge, is regarded by his peers as having "cracked up" ... "because he refuses to dismiss evidence for paranormal phenomena."

Sir Isaac Newton knew how careful he had to be when straying onto ground occupied by priests during the Holy Inquisition. Matthews reports that Newton "would take a severe beating if anyone learned of his fascination with matters spiritual... in public Newton insisted that he had no interest in putting forward the explanation of gravity." It was long after his death that scientists found out that Newton believed gravity to be a manifestation of the etheric ("spirit") world.

Now we can understand why our British scientist Ronald Pearson is being treated as a pariah and a "maverick" for daring to follow Sir Isaac Newton about gravity. His paper "Quantum Gravitation and the Structured Ether" has been peer-refereed and published by physicists at The Russian Academy of Sciences following The Isaac Newton Conference at St. Petersburg. However, Pearson's exciting discoveries have been censored in the UK! His paper has even been officially rejected by Professor Bernard Carr, the President of the Society for Psychical Research.

Ronald Pearson has provided the missing mathematical theory to back up the revolutionary experiments of Crookes, Richet, Schrenck Notzing, Hamilton, and Crawford, who proved by repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions that there are indeed people operating in the invisible part of the universe.It looks like the Holy Inquisition is still in full swing, but this time the priests have been joined by "scientists" holding senior positions. They have started from the base that death is the end of everything - that the mind and brain are the same thing. Our qualified scientists who start from the base that we all survive death - a separate mind and brain - are censored for not being politically correct.

”…and this is how things will remain all the time good people continue to do nothing."
- After Voltaire [François Marie Arouet] (1694-1778)

Broadcast on UK Television: John Pilger's BREAKING THE SILENCE: Truth And Lies In The War On Terror


Following a packed preview at the National Film Theatre in London, John Pilger's latest documentary, 'Breaking the Silence: Truth and lies in the war on terror.' was broadcast on the ITV Network on September 22.

Pilger and his team filmed in Afghanistan and the United States and acquired previously unseen material from Iraq.

The film investigates George W Bush's "war on terror".

In "liberated" Afghanistan, America has its military base and pipeline access, while the people have the warlords who are, says one woman, "in many ways worse than the Taliban".

In Washington, a series of remarkable interviews includes senior Bush officials and former intelligence officers.

In the week that the Hutton inquiry into the death of the British scientist Dr David Kelly releases its report, a former senior CIA official tells Pilger that the whole issue of weapons of mass destruction was "95 per cent charade".

John Pilger - Breaking The Silence: Truth And Lies In The War On Terror (2003)

'Breaking The Silence: Truth And Lies In The War On Terror' (2003) was screened six months after the invasion of Iraq in March 2003 and two years after the invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001. The film dissects the truth and lies behind the 'War on Terror', investigating the discrepancies between American and British justification for 'war' and the facts on the ground in Afghanistan and Washington DC. The film opens with a harrowing series of photographs showing the carnage inflicted on Iraqis by the United States and British military forces in 2003. In the background, President George W Bush declares America "will bring to the Iraq people food, medicine, supplies and freedom... we have shown Freedom's power and in this great conflict we will see Freedom's victory" while British Prime Minister Tony Blair claims the war in Iraq is a “fight for freedom” and "a fight for justice".

Pilger explains that US actions have nothing to do with fighting terrorism but are instead part of an opened-ended war for global dominance and control of valuable oil resources in the Middle East. The real danger facing humanity, he says, is the increasingly aggressive military action of American imperialism and the state terrorism orchestrated by the White House. He asks: "What are the real aims of this war and who are the most threatening terrorists? Who is responsible for far greater acts of violence than those committed by the fanatics of Al-Qaeda, crimes that have claimed many more lives than September 11th and always in poor, devastated, faraway places? "This film", he says, "is about the rise and rise of rapacious imperial power and a terrorism that never speaks its name - because it is our terrorism."


Television at it Again: Psychic Secrets Revealed - Channel 5 Television Friday September 19, 2003

Professor Chris French and Professor Richard Wiseman

Once again these "parapsychologists" have been given total freedom to destroy mediumship on British television without any balance whatsoever from qualified scientists who disagree with their conclusions.

This is against Article 19 of The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression: this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference, and to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas through any media, and regardless of frontiers."

Surely it's about time the Independent Television Commission issued a warning every time these "experts" pop up on our screens?

The British people are only allowed access to one expert opinion when it comes to the subject of survival after death. It's against the law in the United Kingdom for its subjects to have access to the secular scientific case for survival after death as put forward by physicists from Cambridge university and others across the world.

Please write to Julia Snape at the Independent Television Commission
Programme Code Consultation
33 Foley Street
London W1W 7TL

Do nothing and professors French and Wiseman will get away with this one-sided propaganda, it's as simple as that.

Thomas Glendenning Hamilton - University of Manitoba Lecture

Mediumship that actually proves that we all survive the death of our physical bodies - that the mind and brain are separate.

The University of Manitoba Archives and Special Collections Presents

Walter Meyer zu Erpen, BA, MAS, President of the Survival Research Institute of Canada on The Evidence of Life After Death: Researching the T.G. Hamilton Archives (Lecture and Slide Presentation)

T.G. Hamilton lecture and slide presentation about the T.G. Hamilton psychical research experiments conducted during the 1920s and 1930s

Stacks Image 56

Thomas Glendenning Hamilton (1873 - 1935)

Date:Thursday, September 11, 2003
Time:7:00 pm
Location:The Communication System Theatre
160 Elizabeth Dafoe Library
University of Manitoba (Fort Garry Campus)

Contact the Dept. of Archives and Special Collections, University of Manitoba, at 474-9986.

This lecture is a free public event, though a tax-receiptable donation to the T.G. Hamilton Fund, to support better facilities for accessing the Hamilton collection, would be appreciated. (Please make cheque payable to the University of Manitoba and specify "T.G. Hamilton Fund." If you wish to donate, but are unable to attend the lecture, please mail your cheque to: The U of M Archives and Special Collections, 331 Elizabeth Dafoe Library, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2)

The Survival Research Institute of Canada
Post Office Box 8697
Victoria B.C. V8W 3S3 - Canada
A Charitable Organization Researching Survival of the Human Personality After Death (Charitable Registration Number: 87138 7536 RR0001)


Rense Repeat: Survival After Death as a Branch of Physics

Survival After Death as a Branch of Physics

The Jeff Rense Program, originally broadcast on March 18, will be repeated on Sunday, September 7.

You can listen to the broadcast from the Jeff Rense Program archives - scroll down to "03-18-03".

Cutting Through

We received the following e-mail on August 27:
Thanks for your excellent site and for all the tremendous work you do. I am absolutely engrossed in the subject matters of your website. Using scientific means to prove the afterlife and it's massive implications is the most important work someone could possibly do.

The future of the planet and all it's people are determined by exposing the truth of our immortality. There are dark forces ranged against us in the form of the many who have the most to lose from the disclosure of this truth.

Tony Ward

Canadian Radio Broadcast: The Richard Syrett Show

11pm EST on Friday, August 29

Michael Roll will be speaking on The Richard Syrett Show on MOJO Radio AM 640

The broadcast can be heard live on the Internet.

Michael Roll will again be presenting the secular scientific case for survival, focusing on the work of Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge, Arthur Findlay, Thomas Glendenning Hamilton, Ronald Pearson and others - their revolutionary scientific breakthroughs are being deliberately censored and destroyed by powerful religionists and materialists.

A Desperate Move by the Independent Television Commission

The Independent Television Commission (ITC) have now made their move to try and restrict the Living TV programmes "Crossing Over" and "6ixth Sense".

This is where first class mediums like John Edward have been giving hope and comfort to people who have lost loved ones.

To those who recognise that mediums are nature's interpreters between people on Earth and their loved ones who have passed on, this seems to be a move born out of desperation - especially as the ITC decision has not resulted in an outright ban.

It's now turned out to be a free advertisement.

These thought police have decided that we can still watch mediums demonstrating "provided that additional safeguards are put in place"!

One of the "safeguards" is that the programmes must be shown late at night in order to protect children!

This begs the question, why should children be denied access to the wonderful news that we all survive the death of our physical bodies?

Surely this is blatant censorship?

A colleague has e-mailed me to say:
"A far better way to protect children would be to place programmes promoting religion beyond the watershed."

"After all, religionists tell children that if they disobey the teachings of the Church they will go to hell and burn for eternity. That's far more likely to traumatise them than displays of mediumship."

Then there is the little matter of their holy book that we are told is the word of the creator of the universe. There are many passages instructing believers to kill and carry out genocide.
"Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live."
(Exodus 22;18)

The outrageous 1735 Witchcraft Act was not removed from the Statute Book until the 1950s in England - a country where the Church and the state are still established.

The great English philosopher Thomas Paine summed up the whole rotten business in his banned masterpiece 'The Age of Reason' in 1794:
"Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and torturous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness with which more than half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistent to call it the word of a demon than the word of God. It is a history of wickedness that has served to corrupt and brutalise mankind; and for my part I detest it as I detest everything that is cruel."

Michael Roll

The ITC has ceased to exist from 18 December 2003 and its duties have been assumed by Ofcom, the Office of Communications. Ofcom is the new communications sector regulator and will have wide-ranging responsibilities when it assumes its powers on 29 December 2003. Ofcom inherits the duties of the five existing regulators it replaces: the Broadcasting Standards Commission (BSC), the Independent Television Commission (ITC), Oftel, the Radio Authority and the Radiocommunications Agency.

Another Television Hatchet Job: "Are You Telepathic?"

Following hot on the heels of the outrageous "Everyman" programme destroying mediums, which hit millions on BBC 1 TV on 10th June, we now have another hatchet job on what the public know as the "paranormal", "parapsychology", "psychics" and "telepathy".

This programme was called "Are You Telepathic?" - Channel 5 on 19th June 2003.

It was presented by Carol Vorderman and Charlie Stayt.

The "expert" in the studio was Professor Chris French - destroying everything that even hinted that anything exciting is happening beyond our five physical senses.

Not that he needed much help.

The programme did a first class job for him in exactly the same way that the Religious Affairs flagship "Everyman" destroyed the very idea of mediumship - that some gifted people are able to make contact with people living in the invisible part of the universe.

Here we had what looked like a careful examination of all the work that has been going on throughout the world into mind reading and "extra sensory perception". Prof. Chris French even managed to give a plug that he needed £200,000 to carry on this "vital" research. He may get it!

Dr. Richard Wiseman has already received £150,000 and Dr. Susan Blackmore £60,000. Money thrown down the drain.

However, the programme did highlight what has been going on in organisations that have been pretending to look into so-called psychic phenomena. Staggering amounts of money have been ending up in the hands of "experts" who can be relied upon to never do anything dangerous like carry out repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions with mediums, as Sir William Crookes did and Professor Gary Schwartz is now doing at the University of Arizona.

In Britain we even have our own professor of parapsychology, Robert Morris, at the University of Edinburgh. This chair was set up nearly 20 years ago with money left by Arthur Koestler, the science writer.

Dr. Richard Wiseman is the star pupil of Prof. Robert Morris!

Check out the work of Arthur Koestler on another website that is really looking into the scientific study of life after

After reading Arthur Koestler's "The Roots of Coincidence", ask yourself if this author would be happy with the work that has been going on with the money that he left for research into linking so-called psychic phenomena with subatomic physics - the study of invisible forces and whether or not we survive the death of our physical bodies.Keep the masses in ignorance is the name of the establishment game. Never let the people know what is featured on these websites. This is the proof of survival after death following repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions with a mathematical back up. The only "experts" that the public are allowed to see and hear on mainstream media outlets are those like French, Wiseman and Blackmore - those who can be relied upon to protect the religious and scientific establishments from the wrath of public anger when people eventually realise just how badly they have been deceived by their leaders and teachers.

Thank goodness for the Internet. It's the only way people can balance the arguments put forward by the priests and their scientific allies who have started from the base that death is the end of everything - the mind and brain are the same.

Michael Roll


The Independent Television Commission (ITC) has ruled that two programmes on the Living TV channel were in breach of the ITC Programme Code, primarily because they were not clearly presented as entertainment. Editions of the series, "Crossing Over" and "6ixth Sense", in which mediums purported to be making contact with the spirit world and passing on messages to members of the studio audience, were ruled to be in breach of section 1.10 of the ITC Programme Code which states:
"Actual demonstrations of exorcisms and occult practices, such as those involving supposed contact with spirits or the dead, are not acceptable in factual programming except in the context of a legitimate investigation. They should not, in any case, be shown before the watershed.Horoscopes, palmistry and similar 'psychic' practices are only acceptable where they are presented as entertainment or are the subject of legitimate investigation. They should not include specific advice to particular contributors or viewers about health or medical matters or about personal finance. They should not be included at times when large numbers of children are expected to be watching."

"A History of Christianity" - Review by Robert Giddings

Michael Roll's pamphlet "A History of Christianity" - A Page-by-Page Criticism of Paul Johnson's Horror Story was reviewed in The Tribune (April 25, 2003) by Prof. Robert Giddings.

Robert Giddings is Professor of Communication and Culture at Bournemouth University.
Published in Tribune, April 25, 2003:
(Note: The original site is no longer on line. Tribune Magazine)

Review by Prof. Robert Giddings of "A History of Christianity" - A Page-by-Page Criticism of Paul Johnson's Horror Story

Australian Radio Broadcast: Barry Eaton

Michael Roll will be interviewed by Barry Eaton on the Sydney Radio Station 2NSB on Monday, April 21.

The broadcast can be heard in and around Sydney only, and will not be simulcasted on the Internet.

Australian Eastern time:
April 21 (10pm)

Check the broadcast time in your time zone:



The Cambridge University physicist, Professor Peter Wadhams, has given me permission to give out this statement that he has made to counter the pack of lies that are being floated about him by pseudo-scientists who have a great deal to lose when the public eventually find out just how badly they are being deceived by so-called experts on what is known as paranormal phenomena:

"In fact, since my degree was in physics, my professorship is in Ocean Physics, and my department in Cambridge is now DAMTP (Dept of Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics) which is the same as that of Stephen Hawking, the evidence for my being a physicist is at least as strong as the evidence for survival of death!"

This will happen when people realise that Sir William Crookes, the former President of the Royal Society, was not a liar, a crank, a fraud, a gullible idiot, and a sex maniac.

His only "crime" was to tell the truth!

However, the biggest lie of all is that this great scientist was "dabbling in the religion of Spiritualism". Nothing could be further from the truth, but all qualified scientists who support Sir William are banned from media and educational outlets in the "free" country of Great Britain.

The public has not been allowed access to this balance that British and international law demands - Article 19 of The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Upcoming US Radio Broadcast: Survival After Death as a Branch of Physics

Jeff Rense Program:

Survival After Death as a Branch of Physics

Linking up with 200 radio stations and the rest of the world on the Internet, the Jeff Rense Program will present the secular scientific case for survival after death for people to accept or reject as the case may be.
This will be Michael Roll's 5th broadcast on the Jeff Rense Program.

Pacific time: March 18 (7-10pm)

UK time: March 19 (3-6am)

Check the broadcast time in your time zone:


Derby Telegraph Article About Ron Pearson

RON'S KEY TO ALL THE UNIVERSE'S MYSTERIES - David Clensy's article about Ron Pearson, published in The Derby Telegraph (February 27, 2003)

The two cornerstones for orthodox science are Einstein's Theory of Relativity, which deals with the construction of big things such as planets and stars, and Quantum Physics, which deals with minute things like atoms and particles.

"But these two very complex theories contradict each other. To put it simply, if they're both right then the universe would have reached its current size just a few moments after the Big Bang occurred."

Ron decided that he would try to figure out where scientists were going wrong.

"Back in the days of Isaac Newton, scientists realised that the universe must contain a hidden medium, which they called the ether - an energy layer that we can't see."

Ron said that energies such as light and heat could only travel across space if they had a medium upon which to travel. But as space is a vacuum, there are no particles of air - which is what things like light, heat and sound travel through here on Earth.

"That's how the early scientists knew that the ether must exist, even though we can't identify it.

"When Einstein came along he dismissed the concept of the ether. But it was a fatal error, which left his theory flawed,"

Ron said.

In 1984 Ron sat down at his desk and started trying to develop a theory which would replace Einstein's theory and would also be able to explain the details of Quantum Physics.

"After 20 years of working out how the universe must have developed, I concluded that the ether does exist.

"I think that it's like an all-encompassing neural network, which transcends all matter in the universe and I think that this network would eventually develop a consciousness and actively create life and the way that living things see the universe.

"If you like, this ether is a kind of secular god. And as we're part of this ether too, when our physical body dies, our soul - the part of our mind which is not linked to the body - remains part of the ether.

"This means that we effectively have life after death - at least the soul part of our mind has life after death."

Life after death? - an article on the BBC Derby site, written following the appearance on BBC Radio Derby of Michael Roll and Ron Pearson on May 7, 2002.

Comment by Ron Pearson:
David Clensy seems to have got most of it right, though using his own interpretation, and has put the case well. The only bit he got wrong was the details of the clock experiment. This paces an atomic clock against a quartz clock and it is predicted that they should gain and lose against each other on a daily cycle 12 hours gain 12 hours lose.

Leonardo da Vinci

"Leonardo's Machines" - Channel 4 Television Documentary, February 10, 9pm to 10pm.
Is it possible that the Renaissance genius Leonardo Da Vinci was hundreds of years ahead of other scientists, and had actually developed the means with which people could fly?

This great free thinking genius fell foul of the Vatican's thought police, and consequently the majority of his work was destroyed!

Woe betide anybody who says to me in future that "we can't say this or we can't say that because it will upset this lot or that lot."

It's the Vatican and its materialistic allies that the powerful obscurants are fighting to protect. These are the people that we are being asked not to upset!

It's the job of teachers to teach, not to keep their mouths shut in order to keep the old boy network intact.

Our job is to tell the truth, and keep telling the truth, come what may.

Michael Roll

British Royal Family Getting the Same Treatment as Sir William Crookes: Character Assassination!

Sunday Express, October 2, 1983

This press cutting from the Sunday Express --dated 2nd October 1983-- proves that the Queen Mother sought comfort via a medium (Lilian Bailey) after the death of King George VI. The Queen Mother's interest in reading survival as a branch of physics is no doubt why she is on the receiving end of such vicious propaganda - all this nonsense about her shape-shifting and turning into a serpent! I was in contact with Clarence House up to her death.

It's certainly the reason why the Prince of Wales came under attack in the press for trying to steer Arthur Koestler's money, that had been left to set up a Chair to look into life after death, towards the University of Wales. Sadly, it ended up at Edinburgh University which has only turned out clones that could be relied upon to play the establishment game - start from the base that the mind and brain are the same and never do what Arthur Koestler did, link survival after death with the scientific discipline of subatomic physics: Ref: Koestler, Arthur. "The Roots of Coincidence" 1972 (Hutchinson)

Chief of the clones is Dr. Richard Wiseman, he has received £150,000 from the Perrott-Warrick Scholarship because he could be relied upon not to present the secular scientific case for survival after death - start from the base that the mind and brain are separate, scientific heresy!

I have a letter dated 30th March 1984 from the Principal of the University of Wales, Dr. C.W.L. Bevan, confirming that he will still do his best to set up a chair in "Subatomic Phenomena" if I can raise the money.

Please step forward all those wealthy people who would like to see a balance on media and educational outlets.

Michael Roll


Tom Harrison on the Jeff Rense Talk Radio Network Across the USA (February 24, 2004): My Mother Was A Medium

Thomas Harrison - My Mother Was A Medium

Jeff Rense Program: - Listen to the broadcast from the Rense Program archives (February 24, 2004)

On February 24, the American broadcaster Jeff Rense will be talking to Tom Harrison, son of the medium Minnie Harrison.

Pacific time:
February 24 (7-10pm)
UK time (GMT):
February 25 (3-6am)
Check the broadcast time in your time zone:

For three hours, Tom Harrison, a Dunkirk and D-Day veteran, told how hundreds of people had been physically reunited with their "dead" loved ones via the mediumship of his mother, Minnie Harrison, over a period of eight years.

The incredible comfort that this proof of survival is giving to millions is initially down to just one person, Audrey Bartlett from the Midlands. Audrey wrote to the BBC producer Chris Eldon Lee and as a result, Tom's story was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Christmas Eve 2003 and was repeated on New Year's Day. This was then taken up by the journalist David Haith who introduced Tom to the American broadcaster Jeff Rense.

Not even the combined weight of the religious and scientific establishments will be able to block the experimental proof of survival after death from reaching people across the world, especially now that we possess the mathematical backup to support such revolutionary experiments.

We have all lost loved ones and we are all going to die. Therefore the scientific proof of survival after death belongs to every man, woman and child on Earth. Leaving our physical bodies is the start of a very exciting adventure.

"There is one thing more powerful than all the armies in the world, and that's an idea whose time has come." - Voltaire [François Marie Arouet] (1694-1778)


Stop the War on Iraq!

International Day of Protest:

Saturday February 15, 2003

On this day, there will be demonstrations in major cities in over 30 countries to protest against the bogus "war on terror".

Millions of people will be taking part to give a clear message of dissent to the bloodthirsty Christian leaders Bush and Blair:

Stop the war

No to a racist backlash

Defend civil liberties

No More Victims

"...and this is how things will remain all the time good people continue to do nothing."
After Voltaire [François Marie Arouet] (1694-1778)


BBC Panorama

BBC 1 Television: Panorama (Sunday February 2, 2003)

The whole of the Panorama team, led by John Simpson, Andrew Marr, and the American correspondent Matt Frei, came together in order to stop the Christians going on their crusade.

It was confirmed that the Bush administration holds Bible classes every day in the White House!

They actually believe that this terrifying book is the word of the creator of the universe.

George W. Bush is not worried about the French and Germans being on board because he has God--and Tony Blair, a fellow believer--on his side.

No book has divine authority, as Thomas Paine made very clear in 1794:

"Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and torturous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness with which more then half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistent if we call it the word of a demon than the word of God. It is a history of wickedness that has served to corrupt and brutalise mankind; and for my part I detest it as I detest everything that is cruel."

The media people realise they have to speak out in order to stop Christian fanatics from plunging us all into the Third World War.

Their next victims will be the communists in North Korea who have nuclear weapons.

Michael Roll


Bush Primed by Evangelicals for Armageddon Scenario: Jack van Impe

Jack Van Impe is a demagogic television evangelist in the USA.
This "question of the week" was put to Jack Van Impe by one of his viewers.
The article and the comments below are taken from: (December 11, 2002).

Jack Van Impe Question Of The Week

Do you think President Bush, a Christian man, believes or knows he's involved with prophetic events concerning the Middle East and the final battle between good and evil?

Jack Van Impe responds:
First of all, Billy Graham led George W. Bush Jr. to the Lord Jesus Christ when he visited the White House. President Bush has attended many of Billy Graham's crusades and during those crusades, Billy Graham always preaches once or twice on Christ's return and all the prophetical signs.Secondly, Rexella and I were in the home of President Bush Senior. What a great time we had with his wife Barbara, in fact, she's even written us four personal letters and we have them hanging up in our memorabilia room. We gave her the message on video, "The Coming War with Russia" and many of our books to share with her husband, George Bush Sr. Of course, I now have sent the video, "Jerusalem: War or Peace" to all the leaders of our nation.A teacher from Texas who lives down the street from the Bush's and is a personal friend to them, asked me to come to Texas so I could personally hand him a copy. I said I couldn't because I'm just swamped with work to do, so she said she'd personally see that he gets a copy.I know that he as seen this video, "Jerusalem: War or Peace". His brother in Florida, Jeb Bush, has seen it because he wrote me the most heartfelt letter. So, yes, I think George W. knows that he's destined for this final hour in prophetic history.


UK Television Documentary: The Day I Died

"The Day I Died" - BBC2, Wednesday, February 5 at 9pm to 10pm.

Narrated by Tom Wilkinson
Director Kate Broome
Executive producer Julia Simmons

New clinical research is daring to suggest the impossible, that near-death experiences (NDEs) are evidence that the mind can live on after the brain has stopped functioning.

This documentary explores the theory that near-death experiences actually come from beyond the brain.

It features in-depth case studies of near-death experiences, including a dramatic veridical out-of-body experience, interpretations of NDEs from the perspective of both skeptics and "believers”, and interviews with scientists who have studied the NDE phenomenon. Among these scientists are Dr Sam Parnia, Dr Peter Fenwick, Pim Van Lommel, and Bruce Greyson.

The programme also documents the now famous Pam Reynolds case. Reynolds (real name Pam Reynolds Lowery) (below) underwent an operation to correct a weak point in the wall of a blood vessel in her brain. For over an hour she was clinically dead; her temperature was lowered to 60 degrees, her heartbeat and brain activity were stopped and her blood was circulated through a machine. There was no way that she could see or hear anything as her eyes were taped shut and her ears plugged.

During her ‘brain dead’ period she reported seeing, hearing and being aware what was going on in the operating theatre as if she had been sitting on the shoulder of the doctor. What she described turned out to remarkably detailed out-of-body observations of her surgery which were later verified.

Blackmore does her usual routine denying that consciousness is anything other than a product of the brain and speaks about the dying brain and memories, but she fails to explain how the Pam and Vicki experiences occurred.

February, 2003:
At last a balance is beginning to creep in on mainstream television.

On 5th February two British scientists - Dr. Sam Parnia and Dr. Peter Fenwick - had the courage to go against orthodox scientific teaching that starts from the base that the mind dies with the brain. They have made a thorough study of near-death experiences that give evidence that there are people operating in the invisible part of the universe. However, so far no qualified scientist in the United Kingdom has dared to back up this evidence with the crushing scientific proof of survival.

So far, the public has only had access to the thoughts of "experts", so-called sceptics, who can be relied upon to tear into the pioneers of subatomic physics who actually proved we all survive the death of our physical bodies.

Continuing to allow this one-sided assault on great scientists, whose only "crime" was to tell the truth, is beyond the pale.

In future why not give the public a true balance on all television programmes about life after death?

Give the people a choice between the religious approach to the subject and the secular arguments for survival?

Update March, 2014:
Since this documentary was broadcast in February, 2003, the BBC has refused to broadcast a repeat, and has also prevented it from being distributed commercially on DVD. (A recording is currently being offered by IANDS in the USA only, but for about $170.)


New Book by Dr David Jenkins: "The Calling of a Cuckoo"

"The Calling of a Cuckoo" by David Jenkins, the former Bishop of Durham
Published on 31 January 2003 by Continuum

The Calling of a Cuckoo

A religious revolution took place in 1984 a few weeks after it was announced that Dr. David Jenkins was to be the new Bishop of Durham - number 4 in the Anglo-Catholic hierarchy.

This honest prelate came under a vicious attack from politicians who had ruthlessly used the Judaic-Christian ladder to obtain all the top positions in a country where the Church and the state were still established. In effect, Dr. Jenkins kicked this ladder away. His only "crime" was to do exactly the same as the great free thinking philosophers Thomas Paine and Arthur Findlay. He blew the whistle on the great religious hoax on the human race.

The following quote from the Lord Chancellor Lord Hailsham, a devout committed Christian, sums up the whole rotten business:

”I much prefer the word of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John because they were there and David Jenkins wasn’t.”
As Dr. Jenkins says:
"He has set aside the critical scholarship over the past 150 years about the authorship of the Gospels.”

The staggering thing is that our Christian leaders like Bush, Blair, and many others actually still believe that the disciples of Jesus had some input into the Gospels.

Apart from professional priests, the first thing we realise when talking to so-called Christians is that they know nothing whatsoever about their religion. They have been deliberately deceived in order to keep the old-boy network protected from the wrath of public opinion.

The leaders of the Church of England must bring their religion up to date or they are finished, as Dr. Jenkins makes very clear:
"I cannot believe in a God who has no capacity for discovery, invention and creativity. This is the absolute crux of faith, hope and of love for me. If religious faith must be tied to authoritarian rejections of human development then it is hopelessly outmoded bigotry - superstition constructed to shelter our religious fantasies of hope and sustain the material power of our religious organisations.”


'Empire' Channel 4 Television: Niall Ferguson

Niall Ferguson is Professor of Political and Financial History at Oxford University and Visiting Professor at the Stern School of Business, New York University. His books include The Pity of War, The House of Rothschild, The Cash Nexus, and Virtual History.
EMPIRE: How Britain Made the Modern World - a six-part Channel 4 history series, written and presented by NIALL FERGUSON, which tells the story of the rise and fall of the British Empire

The Christians murdered in order to convert!

At last the truth is hitting millions on British television. This could have been written by Thomas Paine and Arthur Findlay.

This week Niall Ferguson showed what the British Christians did to the Hindus and Muslims in India.

Next week, Thursday 30 January 2003, he is going to tell how the Victorian Christians, who actually believed their Bible was the word of the creator of the universe, turned their guns on African natives who refused to believe in the same supernatural absurdities that George Bush and Tony Blair still believe in.

If these political leaders can be so gullible as to believe in priestcraft, how can we trust their judgement on important matters of state?

Michael Roll

How Not To Review Mediumship Research

Note: This article is no longer on the original site.

Understanding the Ultimate Reviewer's Mistake

Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D.


Is it appropriate in science to ignore or dismiss important facts, consciously or unconsciously, in order to maintain one's preferred interpretations or beliefs?

Is it appropriate to ignore important historical, procedural, and empirical facts when drawing scientific conclusions about a body of research?

Consider the following scientific statement:

"When the total set of findings are considered, the simplest and most parsimonious explanation that presently accounts for the largest amount of the data - including the extraordinary observations or "dazzle" shots - is the survival of consciousness hypothesis."

Is this a subjective interpretation or "belief" of a scientist?
Or, is it a reasoned conclusion based upon a systematic and complete review - not a selective review - of the data?

Most rational scientists agree that the credibility and integrity of a review of a body of research is that the review includes all the important information, not just the reviewer's favored information. Hyman's review titled "How Not To Test Mediums" is a textbook example of the selective ignoring or dismissing of historical, procedural, and empirical facts to fits one's preferred interpretation. The result is an inaccurate, mistaken, and biased set of conclusions of the current data. Some might argue that Hyman has made what might be termed the ultimate reviewer's mistake: the selective ignoring and omitting of important information. Paraphrasing Hyman,

"Probably no other extended review of psychic research deviates so much from accepted norms of scientific methodology as this one."

I will be speaking fairly forcefully below in my commentary concerning Hyman's reviewing tactics. I am taking a strong position here not because of the ultimate validity of the survival hypothesis - i.e. whether it is true or not - but because of the nature of scientific reviewing process itself.What we term the "ultimate reviewer's mistake" cannot be condoned. It must be exposed and understood, regardless of the specific research area that is being reviewed or the specific person doing the reviewing. The specific research topic is less important than the process of reviewing the topic. My argument is not with Hyman as a person, but about the process by which he has written his review.(...)