New Book by James Webster: The Case Against Reincarnation - A Rational Approach

Survival researcher, author, and lecturer James Webster has published a new book, which we wholeheartedly recommend.

"The Case Against Reincarnation - A Rational Approach" - by James Webster

The new book from James Webster presents his case against reincarnation with fine backup evidence from a wide input - past and present - to provide the reader with a wealth of information to guide them out of the reincarnation jungle and into the light of more positive and acceptable understanding.

The Case Against Reincarnation - A Rational Approach
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Michael Roll Interviewed by Lou Bondi

In July 2007, Michael Roll was interviewed by Lou Bondi, host of one of the most popular current affairs and discussion programmes in Malta.
This interview was broadcast on Maltese TV in February 2009.

The broadcast was in English, and also included interviews with Victor and Wendy Zammit.

A theologian was interviewed, but declined to speak in English, preferring to speak in Maltese.

View the full interview with Michael Roll here (6 parts):