Ron Pearson Interviewed on BBC Radio

iPM on BBC Radio 4, Saturday, November 12, 2011
Eddie Mair interviewed Andrew Wyon and Ron Pearson.

Andrew Wyon says his friend Ron Pearson should have won the Nobel Prize in Physics. Ron isn't a physicist, but he correctly predicted that universe expansion is accelerating. The Nobel Prize for Physics was won by a group of scientists who proved just that. For decades Ron has chipped away with his theories but no-one has paid any attention, even when he's been proved correct.

Ron Pearson

Ron Pearson

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This is the part of the broadcast with Eddie Mair’s interview with Andrew Wyon and Ron Pearson.
Note: The original interview is no longer on the BBC iPM site.

Ronald Pearson to Lecture on 'Physics and Spirituality Unified'

Ronald Pearson will be giving an Internet lecture on Physics and Spirituality Unified to publicize his new book Physics Proves God: the weapon forged to destroy atheism.
The lecture will be followed by an Internet discussion.
To listen: Penwith Radio

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Ron Pearson

Ron Pearson

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