The Science Of Eternity - A Documentary by Alan Pemberton

Scientific and Personal Evidence Proving that the Subject of Life After Death is a Branch of Physics

The greatest question affecting each and every human being is the question of death and dying.

Do we simply cease to exist or do we pass quite naturally into the next world?

Astounding personal encounters with supposedly dead relatives coupled with new scientific evidence based on quantum physics - the study of the invisible part of the universe - suggests that WE ALL SURVIVE death.

This stunning video reveals vital evidence that until now has been largely suppressed.


Creation Solved? - A New Book by Ron Pearson

If you cannot answer the following questions then please read on:
• How did the universe begin and why is it so huge?
• Why are there countless billions of galaxies?
• Why was a single one apparently not enough?
• Why does the universe exist at all?
• How was it created?
• What really is matter and what really are the four forces of nature?
• What is this mysterious Dark Energy?
• How does Dark Energy cause an ever-accelerating expansion of the universe?
• What is Dark Matter?
• Does life fit into the picture as an essential driving force?
• Can a physical theory support the evidence for the survival of death?

A paradigm-shifting physics developed from over 20 years of research provides answers to all these questions and many more by what we now call the BIG BREED theory.

Ron Pearson
Ron Pearson

This is described in a new book: CREATION SOLVED?


Dr Susan Blackmore on the National News!

BBC1 - National News at 10pm (August 23, 2007): Out-of-body experience recreated

Dr Susan Blackmore
Dr. Susan Blackmore

Dr. Susan Blackmore, billed as a former parapsychologist, gave the impression that all research into out-of-body experiences can now cease, it's all over, the definitive experiment has now taken place, proving that there is no question of a separate mind and brain, that we can forget all about surviving the death of our physical bodies, the whole thing is mere brain function.

A reporter was fitted with a virtual reality device on his head with a camera pointed at his back. The reporter said that he got the impression that he was out of his body and looking at himself from behind.

The staggering thing was that no real expert on out-of-body experiences was allowed to balance this outrageous propaganda. The summing up at the end left people with the impression that this is it, the experts have spoken.

Dr. Susan Blackmore has now left the building because she is no longer interested in the subject.

At least a balance is allowed whenever the subject of religion is discussed. The priests present their case, and now at last, the atheists, lead by Professor Richard Dawkins, present the case against religion. However, nothing like this happens on mainstream media and educational outlets whenever life after death crops up. The public only has access to one scientific expert opinion - that the mind dies with the brain - as presented by Dr. Susan Blackmore, together with professors Wiseman and French.

Michael Roll


Out-of-body Experience Recreated: Dr Sam Parnia, University of Southampton

BBC1 - National News at 10pm (August 23, 2007): Out-of-body experience recreated

Experts have found a way to trigger an out-of-body experience in volunteers.The experiments, described in the Science journal, offer a scientific explanation for a phenomenon experienced by one in 10 people.Two teams used virtual reality goggles to con the brain into thinking the body was located elsewhere.The visual illusion plus the feel of their real bodies being touched made volunteers sense that they had moved outside of their physical bodies.The researchers say their findings could have practical applications, such as helping take video games to the next level of virtuality so the players feel as if they are actually inside the game.

Dr Sam Parnia
Sam Parnia, MD, PhD is founder and director of the Human Consciousness Project at the University of Southampton, England

Why was there no balance allowed on this BBC news item, your expert opinion regarding out of body experiences?

This of course is a rhetorical question because the scientific work that you and Dr. Peter Fenwick are doing is much too close to the truth for comfort.

Michael Roll


The Scientific And Rationalist Case For Life After Death - An Interview with Michael Roll (1994)

In this 30-minute video, Michael Roll presents what the people are not allowed access to in the Theocracy of Great Britain - a country where the Church and the State are Established.

We are not a free country. The common law offence of blasphemous libel is still in place. This makes sure nothing is printed or broadcast that may upset Christians. Saying that we all survive death upsets Christians because they are convinced that only those who believe in their god called Christ stand any chance of an afterlife.

The Christians have joined forces with their most deadly enemies, the materialists. They have started from the base that death is the end of everything. The religionists and orthodox scientists have a common interest in blocking the fact that international teams of scientists have carried out repeatable experiments, under laboratory conditions, that proves we all possess a soul that separates from the dead physical body, but most of all, that the scientific discipline of subatomic physics now shows us where the so-called next world is. It is located in the invisible part of the universe.