UK TV: Parkinson: "We don't do God"

In an interview on UK ITV1's Parkinson programme on Saturday, March 4, 2006, Prime Minister Tony Blair said that his decision to go to war in Iraq would ultimately be judged by God.

Many people have protested about his remarks.

Some people have expressed respect for Blair for his having a "moral code".

What we are witnessing here is the unfolding of the First World War all over again: Politicians and the military are once again getting mixed up with religious fanatics. This time round, instead of the Balkans, it's the Middle East. And all the fighting is over nothing whatsoever.

Are the majority of people at last beginning to realise that the lunatics are still running the asylum?

New Labour Magazine (1997)
Tony and Cherie Blair (Website for this image)


Sir William Crookes Physically Reunited with his "Dead" Wife

Sir William Crookes eventually received the crushing scientific proof of survival after death during the First World War.

Ref: "Crookes and the Spirit World" (Souvenir Press) 1972.
Material introduced and edited by M.R. Barrington, M.A. (Oxon)

The main thing that was missing from Sir William Crookes' early experiments with the materialisation medium Florence Cook (Published in the Quarterly Journal of Science in 1874) was that he could not carry out the same scientific exercise that Alan Cleaver did in 1982 with the materialisation medium Rita Goold - unite the person who was materialising at his repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions with her relations. This is because the "dead" person who materialised, Katie King, had left Earth and passed to the normally invisible part of the universe so long ago that nobody on Earth could confirm her identity. Therefore Crookes was unable to confirm in the 1870s that he had the definitive proof that we all survive the death of our physical bodies and that all scientific calculations must now take into account the discovery of what religionists refer to as the spirit world. However, this changed during the First World War when Sir William travelled to Crewe and during an experiment with the direct voice medium, William Hope, he was photographed together with his "dead" wife!

This is what Crookes said in a letter to Sir Oliver Lodge on 22 December 1916:
"I am glad to say the possession of this definite proof of survival has done my heart much good."

The definitive scientific proof of survival that Sir William had worked so hard to achieve came after this photographic evidence that his beloved wife had indeed survived the death of her physical body when she fully materialised at his final experiments that were held in his own laboratory in London:
Account of a Materialisation given by Miss F.R. Scatcherd in "Survival" (Putnam 1924).
Miss Scatcherd knew Mrs Crookes when she was on Earth.
"Meanwhile a lively conversation was in progress between Sir William and the spirit of his late wife."

This book, "Crookes and the Spirit World" ends with a letter from Sir William to Miss Scatcherd dated 11 May 1917.