Letter from Michael Roll to Gary McCormack (July 22, 2002): Experiments Proving Survival After Death

For goodness sake don't fall for this propaganda that scientists only want to make mediums into a freak show. Only scientists who are on our side will be let anywhere near a materialisation medium. These experiments that actually prove survival after death are set up by very advanced people in the etheric world. We have now learnt by past mistakes. As soon as another Rita Goold dedicates their wonderful gift to proving survival after death, Prof. Peter Wadhams, and his scientific team, will move in to record everything on film. It will all be done in secret in order to stop those with a great deal to lose from the truth from killing the medium. The first the world will know about it is when the scientists publish their findings. There is no need for anybody to know who the medium is. The medium is only a passive instrument in the corner of the room. It's what is being produced that is the important thing, not the medium.

We must get this revolutionary scientific work away from the religion of Spiritualism and those who can see the chance of making money for themselves. The incredible success of the Rita Goold experiment was down to the fact that she flatly refused to take one penny, not even for the food she provided. But most of all because she had got her motives right, she had tuned straight into the higher wavelengths where they possess the technology to teleport "dead" people back to Earth in order to prove survival.

With something as important as this we do not make any decisions on Earth. We always take the instructions of the people in the etheric world. If we don't do exactly as they say then somebody is going to get killed. It was not Rita Goold, the medium, who gave me permission to bring in Prof. Archie Roy and the infra-red cameras, it was the etheric team of scientists. Long before etheric people are teleported back to Earth the medium develops what is know as direct voice mediumship. This way we set up a direct link to the etheric wavelengths and the rest is easy.

If any person on Earth starts to put their oar in then it will all go desperately wrong. We break this golden rule at our peril.

Michael Roll

If people don't get their motives right when dealing with advanced people in the etheric world then they will come desperately unstuck. For hours I watched Raymond Lodge and other etheric people riding rough shod over our known laws of physics. I remember thinking at the time, "Thank goodness I am on the side of this lot and not fighting against them."