E-mail from Ronald Pearson to Rory MacDonald (May 8, 2003): Answer to Critique

In his e-mail, Ron Pearson responds to criticism of his theories:
"I think the problem is that theorists are still considering sub-atomic particles as real when wave-particle duality indicates that they are simply abstract constructs of the background mind."

Letter from Ronald Pearson to Michael Roll (January 2001): Key to Consciousness: Quantum Gravitation

This letter comments on the letter from January, 1996 rejecting Pearson's paper Key to Consciousness: Quantum gravitation from publication in the Journal of Consciousness Studies.

In his letter, Ronald Pearson writes:
"As it stands the rejection looks reasonable because it implies it was assessed "fairly and openly". The truth is very different. Both rejection letters made absolutely no reference to anything in the paper. Both simply extolled the perfection of general relativity as the best possible theory of gravity which could ever be devised and that was it!"