E-mail from Michael Roll to Victor Zammit (May 1, 2002): The Vatican Takes Its Own Scientific Path

In his e-mail, Michael Roll writes:
"They date everything from 1543, Copernicus, the Roman Catholic priest who said the Earth goes round the Sun. They are of course very careful not to let the public know that Copernicus came across the work of the great Greek scientist Aristarchus 280 BC! The Vatican has now embraced Darwin hook, line and sinker. However, again they are very careful not to mention Alfred Russel Wallace who was the co-author of the Theory of Evolution. He has been written out of our Christian history books because he put forward the secular case for survival after death as a branch of physics - that we are dealing with natural forces in the universe.

All the time orthodox scientists have gone down the wrong path - the Big Bang and Einstein's Theory of Relativity they are no danger whatsoever to the power of the priests. It makes the priests the only alternative, they keep the mystery going and their lucrative monopoly on the vast life after death industry."