E-mail from Michael Roll to Professor Richard Dawkins (November 3, 2013): Lord Melvyn Bragg and Thomas Paine

In his e-mail, Michael Roll writes:
"Ditch Randi and move over to our fellow atheist Arthur Findlay, then working together we can blow the great religious hoax on the human race clean out of the water."

Letter from Thomas Jones to Ray Taylor (February 11, 2002): SPR Member Responds to Prof. Fontana

In his letter, Tom Jones writes:
"It is understandable then that Mr. Roll makes the remark that any connection between survival and physics "threatens the authority" of psychologists, and I am at a loss to understand why the professor labels this claim as "absurd". Perhaps it is due to Mr. Roll's unfortunate use of terms; he should have said, the connection between subatomic physics and survival, if real, contradicts the current paradigms upon which psychology is based, and the evidence in proof of a separate mind and brain shows the inadequacy of psychology as a true and convincing science regarding consciousness and its survival of death."