Letter from Dr R W J Keay, The Royal Society, to Michael Roll (August 17, 1984): Not to Meddle in Divinity and Metaphysics

In his letter, Dr Keay writes:
"(...) The Royal Society has a long standing policy of not - as was said in the 17th century - 'meddling in divinity and metaphysics'."

Letter from Dr George Carey to Michael Roll (July 13, 1984): Christian Faith

In his letter, Dr Carey writes:
"(...) when one rejects the basis of the Christian faith as you have done one ends up with a rag-bag of vague notions with little spiritual knowledge or firm convictions."

Letter from University College Cardiff to Michael Roll (March 30, 1984): Chair of Sub-atomic Phenomena

In his letter, the Principal C W L Bevan writes:
”I can assure you that if you can raise a million pounds we will do our best to set up a Chair of Sub-atomic Phenomena.”