E-mail from Sam Nicholls to Michael Roll (September 4, 2002): James Randi

Sam Nicholls comments on criticisms of his article James Randi - His Amazing Role in the Great Psi Media Circus (1991) .

In his e-mail, Sam Nicholls writes:
"(...) comments about "slurs and misrepresentations" and using "slanted language" and "innuendo" are quite apt - that's exactly how I feel about the quality of Mr Randi's writing."

Two E-mails from Michael Roll to Norman Pridmore (September 4, 2002): Professional Wreckers - Playing the Establishment Game

In his e-mail, Michael Roll quotes H L Mencken:
"The time must come inevitably when mankind shall surmount the imbecility of religion, as it has surmounted the imbecility of religion's ally, magic. It is impossible to imagine this world being really civilized so long as so much nonsense survives. In even its highest forms religion embraces concepts that run counter to all common sense. It can be defended only by making assumptions and adopting rules of logic that are never heard of in any other field of human thinking."

E-mail from Michael Roll to Uri Geller (September 5, 2002): James "The Amazing" Randi

In his e-mail, Michael Roll writes:
"It must be number one priority to balance the monopoly that James Randi now enjoys on all scientific outlets."