Letter from Tom Jones to Dr Chris Roe (November 22, 2001): Survival Research

This letter was written in response to Prof. David Fontana's article about survival research in the October issue of Paranormal Review.

In his letter, Tom Jones writes:
"I am at a loss to understand why the Paranormal Review is not concentrating more on the study of the invisible part of the universe - quantum mechanics."

Thomas Jones quotes the Nobel Laureate for Medical Science, Professor Charles Richet:
"There is ample proof that experimental materialisations should take definite rank as a scientific fact."

E-mail from Michael Roll to Sam Nicholls (February 27, 2004): James "The Amazing" Randi

In his e-mail, Michael Roll writes:
"No qualified scientists are allowed on British television to put the secular scientific case for survival after death. There are far too many powerful "experts" with too much to lose when people eventually have access to the scientific case for a separate mind and brain."