Letter from Michael Roll to Professor Norman Dixon (December 19, 1996): Telling the Truth

In his letter, Michael Roll writes:
Many psychologists agree with you, but they are too frightened of peer pressure to come out in the open.

Letter from Professor Preben Plum to Michael Roll (October 12, 1996): Consciousness After Death?

In his letter, Prof. Plum writes:
"I am of the same opinion as you, that the Society for Psychical Research is doing the wrong job.

In Denmark the situation is perhaps even worse. Our Danish Psychic Society does not do anything and spiritualistic societies are, as far as I know, not of a high quality in Denmark."

Letter from Rev. Anthony Freeman to Ronald Pearson (January 21, 1996): Key to Consciousness: Quantum Gravitation

At the time of writing, Rev. Anthony Freeman was Managing Editor of The Journal of Consciousness Studies

Rev. Freeman wrote to Ronald Pearson, rejecting his paper "Key to Consciousness: Quantum Gravitation”.
In his letter, Rev. Freeman writes of the assessment of Ronald Pearson's paper:
"You will disagree with its conclusion, but I am sure you will recognise a fair and considered assessment of the situation in which we find ourselves.”