E-mail from Professor Peter Wadhams to an Inquirer (February 11, 2002): Ignoring Positive Evidence for "Psi"

In his e-mail, Prof. Wadhams writes:
"The cumulative evidence for the existence of psi, for instance, is absolutely overwhelming, both from carefully framed statistical experiments designed to detect tiny effect sizes and from case studies of more spectacular spontaneous cases. (...) Yet psi today scarcely seems to enter the consciousness of most scientists."

Ronald Pearson's Response to Bernard Carr's Letter of March 17, 2001 (March 31, 2001): Is The SPR Serious About Being Even Handed?

This letter was published in Psychic News, March 31, 2001

In his letter, Ronald Pearson writes:
"Theorists are searching for a 'Theory of Everything' and yet deliberately ignore the major factor: that psi phenomena suggest that something else must exist behind the universe of matter."

"The SPR refused my paper on grounds that it needed to first appear in a scientific journal because the expertise needed for its assessment did not exist within the SPR. This condition is now satisfied (...). Is the SPR now prepared to prove its claim of having no corporate policy by publication of this approach?"

E-mail from Professor Peter Wadhams to Michael Roll (May 7, 2004): Sir William Crookes

In his e-mail, Professor Peter Wadhams writes:
"It is a psychological phenomenon. Deep down they know that great scientists who engage in this kind of work and get positive results should be believed and should cause this subject to become a central theme of the world's scientific effort. But they dare not accept this thought. So to square their consciences and make the dissonance less extreme they have to invent reasons to pretend that the great scientist is not actually as great as he seems, that he's somehow naive or bonkers or that his conventional discoveries weren't as important as they at first appear."