Letter from The International Centre for Theoretical Physics to Michael Roll (July 4, 1988)

In the letter, Ms Edda Vidiz writes:
"I am pleased to inform you that, on behalf of Professor Abdus Salam, under today's date we have instructed our Bank (Cassa di Risparmio di Trieste) to send you UK £ 100. - as a grant from the Fund for Physics for the period July 1988 - July 1989."

Letter from Professor Abdus Salam to Michael Roll (October 14, 1982): Excommunication from Islam

Professor Salam's handwritten letter to Michael Roll reads as follows:
"You will be interested to know that officially, I have been already excommunicated from Islam by the orthodox priests in Pakistan. However I do believe in Allah and in worship - but as something personal and not institutional.
I hope your book is published. It's much needed - as much against Christian as against Muslim priests. How marvellous Bertrand Russell was to write on this subject."