E-mail from Michael Roll to John Samson (September 16, 2002): Society for Psychical Research

In his e-mail, Michael Roll writes:
"This crushing proof of survival after death was not only censored by those who control what sees the light of day within the one-god religion of Spiritualism. It has also been censored by the thought police who have infiltrated the Society for Psychical Research ever since I first submitted these reports in 1983."

Ronald Pearson's Response to Bernard Carr's Letter of March 17, 2001 (March 31, 2001): Is The SPR Serious About Being Even Handed?

This letter was published in Psychic News, March 31, 2001

In his letter, Ronald Pearson writes:
"Theorists are searching for a 'Theory of Everything' and yet deliberately ignore the major factor: that psi phenomena suggest that something else must exist behind the universe of matter."

"The SPR refused my paper on grounds that it needed to first appear in a scientific journal because the expertise needed for its assessment did not exist within the SPR. This condition is now satisfied (...). Is the SPR now prepared to prove its claim of having no corporate policy by publication of this approach?"

E-mail from Michael Roll to Melody Mehta (January 9, 2002): Church and State

In his e-mail, Michael Roll writes:
"Immediately people find out that it's a scientific fact that we all survive death then nobody will ever grovel before a priest again."

Letter from Montague Keen to Psychic News (March 10, 2001): Scole: No Evidence of Fraud

In his letter, Montague Keen writes:
"What is depressing about the critics is their willingness to construct an upturned pyramid of hypotheses and speculations, all balanced on one improbable assumption after another. What is so remarkable is their unwillingness to accept the oft repeated challenge to take the scientifically warranted course of viewing all the evidence together, rather than attempting to pick theoretical holes in every individual item."

It is notable that this letter was published in Psychic News and not in New Scientist, where it would have provided a balance to the outburst from Dr. Susan Blackmore published there on November 4, 2000. Dr Blackmore referred to the Scole Report as "infamous".

It is also notable that experiments carried out by Professor Gary Schwartz are never censored because he has not linked the subject of survival after death with natural forces in the universe, and with the scientific discipline of subatomic physics that looks at the invisible part of the universe.


E-mail from Ronald Pearson to Keith Hudson (August 28, 2003): Origin and Destiny of Religion

In his e-mail, Ronald Pearson writes:
"The conflict between science and religion is only a deliberate surface projection.
This artificial division is blocking the progress of both disciplines since there can be only one truth."

Letter from Michael Roll to Ian Hislop (December 16, 2001): Corruption in the Scientific Community

In his letter, Michael Roll writes:
"Almost single-handedly this "expert" is holding up the pillar of orthodox scientific teaching throughout the world - that the mind and brain are the same and that death is the end of everything."

Open Letter from John Samson (January 9, 2001): Survivalists in the SPR

This letter was written after Professor Bernard Carr was made President of the SPR.

Professor Bernard Carr and his committee rejected Ronald Pearson's paper that he had prepared for the 23rd International Conference of the SPR held at the University of Durham in September 1999. He also censored Michael Roll's paper that told the story of how mothers had been physically reunited with their "dead" children over and over again.
Professor Carr justified this decision with the following words:
"Your topic is not really appropriate for the conference audience.”

In his letter, John Samson writes:
"when one links this statement with the vociferous attempts by those at the heart of the SPR who wished to suppress the Scole Report and regarded it as 'an embarrassment to the Society', then we are confronted by a most regrettable situation indeed.”