E-mail from Michael Roll to Charles Lowson (November 17, 2002): Only the Proof of Survival After Death is Censored, Evidence is Allowed Out

Well done Charles, this is first class.

So easy to understand and to the point. The professional wreckers are terrified of the experiments, let alone the mathematical back up. Don't forget to always back up the early experiments with Alan Cleaver's crushing ace of trumps when he carried out the revolutionary experiment of reuniting the "dead" Helen Duncan with her daughter on Earth. Take it off my website and send it to as many people as possible. As you know this has been censored by the those who have taken over the Society for Psychical Research. This is ever since Cleaver published in 1987. They must have had a fit when I gave out the Cleaver report to members at an SPR meeting right under nose of Dr. John Beloff! However, John Samson and Tom Jones are going to now submit it to the SPR. As members they should carry more clout than me.

This reminds me of something that happened in 1987 just after Cleaver published as Editor of his magazine 'Anomaly' - the journal for the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP). A member of ASSAP, I think his name was David Christie-Murray, was billed to lecture at Bristol University. I thought this would be good so I foolishly went along. The hard lessons in life are always the best. He turned out to be a Christian! He said the most convincing proof of survival after death in history is when Jesus appeared in front of his disciples after he was killed. He asked if anybody wanted to argue about that. I stood up in front of the young audience and agreed with him that this story of Jesus was just part of a mountain of evidence showing that we all survive death. I then held up his latest magazine and referred him to his Editor's report giving crushing proof of survival after death backing up all the evidence. All eyes turned from me back to the speaker, he was struck dumb! After a long pause an Indian lady who was on the platform next to him got up and confirmed that materialisation experiments like this had been taking place in her country for years.

It just shows how these indoctrinated Christians have been hypnotised against the scientific back up for what was reported to have happened 2,000 years ago. If it was not a one-off happening then it makes a complete nonsense of the Christian doctrines and dogmas. It proves they made a terrible mistake in making Jesus into God (Christ) just because he proved he had conquered death to his pals. One of the disciples must have been a materialisation medium. Every materialisation medium has been doing this before the time of Jesus and after. As you know Jesus was officially made into the 17th saviour-god called Christ at the Council of Nicaea in 325 of the Christian era. All previous 16 had the same story.

As biologists flatly refuse to recognise people in the invisible part of the universe, most of their conclusions are just as false as the base that the physicists have started from. Until they all do a complete u-turn orthodox scientific teaching is going in the same direction as the Church - nowhere.


A personal experience providing evidence of survival of personality and memory after death is included.


My earliest psychic experience occurred about this time. (I was six years of age) Dave my twin brother and I slept in a bed in the kitchen which was also the living room and I awakened one night to see the figure of a lady sitting at our kitchen table with a cup and saucer in her hands. It was quite dark and she seemed to be luminous as if drawn by a slate pencil. I looked at her wondering what a stranger was doing in our kitchen in the middle of the night noting that she had long hair and wore a bustle skirt. She inclined her head and smiled at me lifting the cup to her lips and with that I disappeared under the blankets shouting, "It's a ghost"!

Next morning I related this experience and my mother said by way of explanation that the house was built on the site of the "Old House of Logie" and that may have something to do with it. There was a sequel to this some forty years later when in the company of a medium I was addressed by a voice saying, "You have seen me before Charlie" I responded "How can you say that? I'm not normally clairvoyant"

The voice continued "You saw me when you were a little boy, My name is Maggie Swankie, I was a fishwife from Arbroath and called at your door every Saturday, your mother always invited me in for a cup of tea, when you saw me I was having my cup of tea.

This was rather evidential for it provided evidence of identity and an explanation for the bustle skirt worn by the apparition. The traditional dress of the fishwife includes a large bustle to support the wicker basket or creel.

This childhood incident was unknown to the medium or to anyone else and suggests that they whom we have helped return in friendship to assure us that they survive and that kind deeds are remembered.

I have had many such experiences which are shared by many ordinary people worldwide.It is natural phenomena that has been carefully investigated by leading scientists the world over and found to be true.

Sir William Crookes spent a number of years investigating the phenomena of materialisation when spirits reproduce their physical bodies with substance drawn from the medium and others present. Photographs show Dr J.M. Gully of the Royal College of Surgeons recording the physical difference pulse rate, height, skin colouring etc. on many occasions between the materialised forms and the medium

Other independent scientists verified and confirmed the reality of materialisations by performing their own experiments under strict laboratory conditions in the absence of Crookes i.e. Prof. Baron Von Shrenck-Notzing, Dr. J Crawford, Dr. Charles Richet, Dr. Eugene Osty to name a few.

While materialisation mediums are few today they do exist but operate within the Spiritualist movement and are reluctant to submit to the stringent conditions of scientific investigation. When this difficulty is overcome it should be possible to establish beyond doubt the reality of the phenomena.