E-mail from Michael Roll to the Western Daily Press (November 25, 2013): "Militant Atheists?"

Every person who criticises religion is described as a “militant atheist” in the national press. Surely it is the religionists who are being militant, engaged in warfare, not those who do not believe what the priests, mullahs and rabbis are teaching?

Buddhists and Hindus killing each other in Sri Lanka. Roman Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. Sunni and Shia Muslims and Jews in the Middle East. Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians and Muslims in the Balkans. This is the spark that caused the First World War. Africa is now a cauldron of hatred between Christians and Muslims.

It is now time that Thomas Paine’s masterpiece ‘The Age of Reason’ (1794) was introduced in all our schools in order to give children a balance.

Michael Roll

Of all the many newspapers that were sent this e-mail, only the Western Daily Press (Bristol, England) published it (in their print edition, November 26, 2013).