E-mail from Michael Roll to Ron Pearson (December 7, 2013): Trying to Bring the Church With Us


I don't think you realise just how big the u-turn the priests will be forced to make. Look at my interview in Malta with Lou Bondi. I only did the Ron Pearson approach. I immediately hit the Roman Catholic people of Malta with my 100% support for Jesus, "This day you will be with me in paradise." They loved it, I did not attack the Church in any way. I said they are right, we do possess a soul that separates from the dead physical body.

The Archbishop of Malta was livid. He demanded that he gave the antidote to the terrible poison that I was spreading. Lou Bondi, the Jeremy Paxman of Malta, got the sack. The attack on him was so great that he is not even in journalism. The priests do not follow Jesus, they follow what was invented at the infamous Council of Nicaea in 325 of the Christian era. All these Catholic (All-embracing, universal) doctrines and dogmas were invented by appallingly ignorant priests who knew nothing about the cosmos and thought a red hot ball of fire went round a flat Earth every day.

I have done your meeting with top Church people. The head of religious broadcasting in England, Canon Peter Firth, arranged to meet me after one of my radio broadcasts. We got on very well together. Just like that vicar I introduced you to, he did not believe a word of what he was paid to pump out on the air. He poured his heart out to me, and promised to try and change the Church from within to fall in line with the teachings accredited to Jesus. He must have done just that. He was kicked upstairs, sacked from his broadcasting job and made the Bishop of Malmesbury.

A few weeks ago I met another bishop. He made it clear to me that ever since the former Bishop of Durham, Dr. David Jenkins, told the truth about all the stuff that was invented at Nicaea is not true, nothing like this is going to happen again. He told me he believed in the whole shooting-match - all Christian mythology. I asked him if he also believed that the Archangel Gabriel actually flew down into Mohammed's case and dictated the Koran to a man who could not even read or write? He replied that he did not believe this as he only believed in Christian mythology.

Also don't forget that letter I received from the Archbishop of York, Dr. John Habgood, who had a first class degree in physics from Cambridge University. He actually said to me that they were now taking what I was saying much more seriously than was once the case. Sadly, this was some time ago and is no longer the case, only "believers" are taking all the top positions. Not intellectuals like Habgood and that vicar we met.

This all came to a head when Professor Stephen Hawking went to see the Pope. The Pope is delighted all the time orthodox scientific teaching starts from the base that death is the end of everything because this make the priests the only alternative. Hawking let the cat out of the bag when he told journalists at a press conference, "The Pope said to me, I don't care what you do in science just as long as you never encroach on my subject, life after death."

Nobody has tried harder than I have to bring the Church over to Crookes, Lodge and the scientific case for survival. I have also copied this to Rupert Sheldrake for his thoughts. Let's hope he is more optimistic and maybe has had better success than I have. We have corresponded with each other about The Churches Fellowship for Psychical Studies. The Archbishop of York put me in touch with this Fellowship.

Sorry Ron, the Church has moved much further away from Jesus in the last few years, not closer.


Ron Pearson
Ron Pearson is a mechanical engineer and former university lecturer in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. He has discovered a structure of the ether that has potential to evolve intelligence, and has provided the mathematics to back up the experiments of Sir William Crookes and Charles Richet. In these experiments, deceased people returned, proving they had survived death.

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