E-mail from Michael Roll to an Inquirer (January 31, 2003): Presenting the Secular Scientific Case for Survival


many thanks for trying to present the secular case for survival.

The whole point of my fight for a balance on media outlets is to point out that there is no balance at the moment. The public already have unlimited access to CSICOP's arguments that death is the end of everything. This is official scientific teaching across the world. Taunton TV let us state our case, the same as James Stannage, Jeff Rense etc, without professional wreckers, who have a great deal to lose, putting their oars in.

We are not allowed to balance the arguments of Randi and his army, why should we invite them on our programmes?

The mediums are doing a first class job in presenting their case for survival (but without any scientific back up) on the Living TV Channel across the world without so-called sceptics having a crack at them.

What I mean by "censored" is that the public have not been allowed access to the secular scientific case for survival after death. They don't know that Sir William Crookes proved survival after death with repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions when he published is paper in the 'Quarterly Journal of Science' in 1874. But most of all, they don't know that we now have the mathematical theory to back up these revolutionary experiments that Sir William carried out, proving there are people in the invisible part of the universe. Together with other international teams of scientists after 1874.

This is the balance that I am fighting to present. Of course it means the total collapse of the religious and scientific establishments throughout the world. Public opinion will do the job for us. They will be swept aside just as comprehensively as the Flat Earth Brigade. However, I no longer have to fight because the feed back from the Jeff Rense Notice Board, and the rest of the Internet, tells me it will be impossible for those with a great deal to lose from the truth to block discoveries in physics for much longer.

As I write this they still control mainstream radio, television, the press and educational outlets in the UK.

Don't forget you have come in at the end of my 22 year fight. The boulder that I have been pushing up a very steep slope is going down hill on its own. Woebetide those who step in front of it.