E-mail from Michael Roll to Professor Robert Giddings (May 2, 2003): Corruption on a Scale that Beggars the Mind!

To Professor Robert Giddings: 'Tribune' 25 April 2003

Robert, you will see that I have uncovered corruption in the vast and lucrative life after death industry on a scale that beggars the mind.

Many thanks for reviewing my booklet exposing the great religious hoax on the human race. I wrote this in 1982 but until the 9/11 tragedy it has been too hot for any editor to handle.

Every academic who has studied the subject knows what we know, but mostly they have been too frightened to speak out.

There is no such thing as all these dangerous and divisive religions. It's mythology, or as you so rightly say in your review, superstition - gone mad. All the religious killing is over nothing whatsoever. It's Micky Mouse's mob killing Donald Duck's mob and then ganging up to kill those who believe in Pluto.

Bloody funny really if it were not so tragic.

Michael Roll

Professor Robert Giddings
Robert Giddings (June 29, 1935 - March 8, 2012) was an established literary critic and broadcaster, and Professor Emeritus of Communication and Culture at Bournemouth University, England. He was disabled by polio as a child.