E-mail from Michael Roll to the Western Daily Press (October 30, 2013): Censored Historical Facts and Scientific Discoveries

Many thanks for publishing Sir Isaac Newton’s model of the universe on the 11th October and letting your readers know about the infamous Council of Nicaea on the 29th October, where the Jewish philosopher known as Jesus was officially made into the god called Christ in 325 of the Christian era. This is something that we are never told on mainstream media and educational outlets in England where the Church and the state are still established.

Lord Melvyn Bragg is making a BBC documentary on Thomas Paine that will be shown in the new year. Thomas Paine has been written out of our corrupt history books because he blew the whistle on the great religious hoax on the human race in 1794 when he published ‘The Age of Reason’. In the meantime have a look at the first Thomas Paine documentary that somehow crept past the BBC censors in 1982, “The Most Valuable Englishman Ever”. All requests for a repeat were refused.


Thanks mainly to the Internet, millions are now finding out just how badly they are being deceived by their leaders and teachers. Millions of people across the world now realise that uncomfortable historical facts and exciting discoveries in physics, that belong to every person on Earth, have been deliberately blocked. This appalling deception of the people was personified when Professor Stephen Hawking, who is locked into Einstein’s materialistic model of the universe, actually went to see the Pope.

All the hard work has already been done but suppressed. All we have to do is just point people in the direction of two philosophical giants, Thomas Paine and Arthur Findlay, the most valuable Scotsman ever. This will lead people onto the greatest scientific discovery in history that has been suppressed or vilified by a combination of religionists and powerful materialists working together in order to keep the old-boy network intact – money flowing into their coffers.

In 1874 Sir William Crookes discovered the so-called spiritual part of the universe when he published the results of his experiments in the ‘Quarterly Journal of Science’. He discovered the part of the universe that we all come from and return to after our short stay on Earth. In 1933 Sir Oliver Lodge, the first person to send a radio signal, published his paper ‘The Mode of Future Existence’ . This gives a cosmological location for what Sir William Crookes discovered.

The full story of just how badly we are all being deceived can be found on the following websites:

www.scsad.afterlifeinstitute.org The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom

Victor Zammit ‘A Lawyer Presents The Evidence For The Afterlife’

The new website by Grahame Mackenzie “Spirit Today

Michael Roll