E-mail from Michael Roll to Steve Clarke (November 30, 2013): Professor Richard Dawkins puts the Record Straight

To Steve Clarke of Manchester


you have done more than anybody to counter the appalling propaganda that the inventor of radio, Sir Oliver Lodge FRS, went mad and started “dabbling in the religion of Spiritualism”.

You will have to strike again.

Last night, 29 November on the ‘Yesterday’ television channel, Freeview 19, the documentary “Genius of Britain” made out that it was Marconi who invented radio! This is towards the end of the programme after my fellow atheist, Professor Richard Dawkins, did a first class job in making sure that Alfred Russel Wallace now has equal credit alongside Darwin for putting forward the Theory of Evolution. This time there was no outrageous propaganda that Wallace went mad and started “dabbling in Spiritualism”.

It was Professor Al-Khalili, a dedicated follower of Einstein’s materialistic model of the universe, who continued to write Sir Oliver Lodge out of our history books. Everybody who has made a careful study of life after death knows very well that Alfred Russel Wallace, just the same as our pioneers of radio and television, Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge and John Logie Baird were linking the subject of survival after death with subatomic physics. Forces that are normally out of range of our five physical senses.


Steve Clarke is a musician. On January 28, 2008, he appeared with Michael Roll on the Jeff Rense program.