E-mail from Michael Roll to the Western Daily Press (December 13, 2013): We are not Being Told the Whole Truth

To the Letters Editor of the Western Daily Press:

The historian, Simon Sebag Montefiore, told the truth about the Crusaders on 12 December, BBC 4 Television, ‘Byzantium: A Tale of Three Cities’.

He even mentioned that there was a huge bust up (“schism”) within Christianity in the eleventh century over a difference of opinion on doctrine between the Catholics in Rome and the Orthodox Christians in Constantinople.

However, he did not explain to viewers what the bust up was all about. That it was over nothing whatsoever apart from supernatural religious mythology that had gone completely mad.
It was over the Holy Ghost!

The Catholics in Rome were adamant that the Holy Ghost came from the Father and from the Son.
The Orthodox Christians in Constantinople were just as adamant that the Holy Ghost only came from the Father.

This nonsense was the spark that started the First World War in the Balkans. By not making this clear the historian Montefiore gave the impression that these Christians were actually killing each other over something, instead of nothing at all.

However, he did tell the truth about the crusaders being a bunch of brainwashed homicidal maniacs.
Then it got even more confusing when he introduced the Muslims into this mayhem.

Again, he gave the impression that the Christians and Muslims were actually killing each other over something, instead of a false model of the cosmos invented by men who actually thought a red hot ball of fire went round a flat Earth every day.

Christians, Muslims and Jews are still fighting over the conclusions that men came to who did not have our knowledge of the cosmos, especially subatomic physics – forces that are normally out of range of our five physical senses.

Michael Roll