E-mail from Michael Roll to Professor Richard Dawkins (February 16, 2014): Professor Stephen Hawking Went to see the Pope. Why?


When the cosmologist Stephen Hawking returned from his meeting with Pope John Paul II, I watched the press conference on television.
A journalist asked Hawking what the pope had said to him. Hawking replied that the pope told him that he did not care what Hawking said as long as it did not encroach on the pope's specialty, life after death.

When I heard this, I phoned Hawking's office to determine if he was a Roman Catholic. The lady who answered the phone told me she could find out immediately because the dean of Hawking's college was there. She then informed me that the dean had said Hawking worships in an a Anglo-Catholic church.

Hawking holds with the orthodox scientific teaching of "the big bang theory," which was invented by a roman catholic priest, George Lemaitre, in the 1920s.

Scientists who deny survival and proclaim "when you're dead, you're dead" are playing right into the pope's hands. It makes the supernatural absurdities that the priests are stuck with the only alternative.

I am sorry to say this, but you have been very badly advised by scientists acting as experts on survival, a field they do not understand.
For example, psychology professors Wiseman, French, Blackmore and others are denying the existence of the very source of the Greek word "psyche" = "soul", which describes their profession.

“We have a choice of two paths, one is the secular way (non religious) and the other is the theological (religious); one is the democratic and the other the despotic; one is the sane and the other the insane.”

This is what Arthur Findlay wrote in his true history of mankind "The Curse of Ignorance" (1947).
It is totally different from the rubbish we are taught at school in England where the church and the state are still established.
Ignorance is the great religious hoax on the human race.

Here is what he wrote on page 1111 of volume 1:
“Such however, is still its influence (The church) that this book which tells the story of the past honestly and fearlessly, will be kept out of our schools and universities by the authorities, and consequently only in later life will those with inquiring minds discover the truth.”

Thomas Paine has been rightly described as "The Most Valuable Englishman Ever."
Arthur Findlay’s hero was Thomas Paine. Findlay gives nearly one whole chapter to this great philosopher in his history of mankind on this planet.

Arthur Findlay must be in line for the title of "The Most Valuable Scotsman Ever." It is significant that hardly anybody in England and Scotland has ever heard of either of their great philosophers.
This of course is because what they wrote is just too darn close to the truth for comfort.

I am under tremendous attack from religious people because I have backed your brave stand against the terrible hatred that the priests, mullahs and rabbis are pumping into young trusting minds that are in their care.
As you rightly say, this is nothing less than mental child abuse.

It is these one-god merchants who have infiltrated and destroyed from within the once scientifically minded Arthur Findlay College. Our fellow atheist, Arthur Findlay, has been rejected and reviled by the very people that he bequeathed his former home and fortune to. This has been completed so efficiently that I can see the hands of the Jesuits behind this. What was being taught at The Arthur Findlay College was a terrible threat to the Vatican.

Your deadly enemies love the Big Bang theory because they can say that their God caused it. However, on Monday January 27, 2014, The Daily Telegraph carefully set out the correct model of the universe that was put forward by the American astronomer Professor Halton Arp. Quasars are a primordial gas exploding and creating new galaxies, hence the expanding universe. This makes a complete nonsense of the Vatican’s Big Bang theory.

It also seems obvious to me that the force of gravity is in fact coming from the same part of the universe as the primordial gas. This is what Arthur Findlay, Sir William Crookes and Sir Oliver Lodge referred to as the etheric part of the universe.

In 1983 the Glasgow University astronomer, Professor Archie Roy, and I took part in experiments where we physically met etheric ("spirit") people. They must be made of “ghost-like” subatomic particles like the neutrino that can pass effortlessly through our physical matter. Reference my paper ‘The Suppression of Knowledge’, 1983.

On 4th July, 1988, I was given a grant by the 1979 Nobel Laureate for physics, Professor Abdus Salam. This was from The International Centre for Theoretical Physics when he was the Director.
Professor Salam is the greatest scientist that the Islamic world has ever produced. He wrote to me in 1982 saying that he has been officially excommunicated from Islam by the orthodox priests.

We are now in a position to correctly assess the work of our ancestors.
We have discovered what the religionists refer to as the spiritual part of universe. As the priests, who invented all these dangerous and divisive religions, knew nothing about the cosmos or subatomic physics, they understandably got terribly confused and jumped to the wrong conclusions.
They thought they were witnessing something that was supernatural.

As you made very clear to my friend Stan Ford in your letter to him dated 22 January 1992 that if we do in fact survive the death of our physical bodies, then it will not be supernatural, “but natural”.

The religionists are right about us all having a soul that separates from the dead physical body. I am hoping that all the followers of the philosopher known as Jesus will now embrace what he was reported to have said to the fellow next to him when they were dying,
“This day you will be with me in paradise.”

If they can turn away from what the priests have been saying about us all having to “rest in peace” in the ground waiting for the second coming of their God, Judgement Day, before anything can happen, then this would eventually lead to all the crazy religious killing throughout the world coming to an end.

Michael Findlay Roll
The secular scientific case for survival after death: www.scsad.afterlifeinstitute.org

Richard Dawkins
Professor Richard Dawkins DSc, FRS was the first holder of the Charles Simonyi Professor of Public Understanding of Science, Oxford, staying in the post until 2008. From 1967 - 1969, he was Assistant Professor of Zoology at the University of California at Berkeley. He has been a Fellow of New College since 1970. Dawkins is an atheist, and a vice president of the British Humanist Association. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society.