E-mail from Michael Roll to the Western Daily Press (April 27, 2014): We are Heading for a Third World War

The new prime minister of the Ukraine has just been to see the Pope.

If we are not very careful history is going to repeat itself. What is happening in the Ukraine is a rerun of the terrible religious hatred in the Balkans that started the First World War.

In 1914 an Orthodox Christian killed a Catholic Christian. They are now lined up again in the Ukraine.

This fight is about a bust-up over the Holy Ghost in the 11th century. Catholic Christians are adamant that the Holy Ghost came from the Father and from the Son. Orthodox Christians are just as adamant that the Holy Ghost only came from the Father.

They are fighting over ancient mythology that was invented by men who did not have our knowledge of the cosmos.

If we are not very careful we will find ourselves in a Third World War.

Michael Roll

This e-mail was also sent to The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Daily Express, The British Humanist Association, and other media outlets.