E-mail from Michael Roll to the Western Daily Press (June 25, 2014): The Crisis in The Ukraine

Just for a moment let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the Russians.

On June 22, 1941 the USSR was invaded by the biggest Catholic Christian army ever.

Don’t forget that the Protestants are also Catholics. Martin Luther only protested against the power of the Pope in 1517. Luther also believed in the all-embracing (Catholic) doctrines and dogmas that were invented by the Christian priests at the Council of Nicaea in 325 of the Christian era. It was here that Jesus was officially made into the god called Christ, the second person in a trinity of gods.

The German army invaded the USSR with the full backing of the Pope because they were dedicated to eliminating the deadly enemies of the Vatican – Jews, communists, and most of all, Orthodox Christians. Many Catholics in the USSR joined the invading German army.

This is the great schism in the Christian Church, a disagreement over the Holy Ghost in the 11th century. The Catholics are adamant that the Holy Ghost came from both the Father and from the Son. The Orthodox Christians are just as adamant that the Holy Ghost only came from the Father.

Catholic Christians have taken over in Kiev. Only a few days after the successful coup, the new Prime Minister was seen on television with the Pope in the Vatican. Needless to say this has really upset the Orthodox Christians in the East of the Ukraine, bearing in mind that during the war the Catholic Christians managed to kill over 25 million people in the USSR. The pro-Russians in the East of Ukraine even call themselves The Orthodox Christian Army.

Michael Roll