Open Letter from Ron Pearson (September 9, 2014): The Scientific Discovery of the Spiritual Part of the Universe

SHOTS IN THE DARK (Chameleons and holograms: Dark energy hunt gets weird) is the title of this week's New Scientist article admitting ignorance of the nature of 'Dark Energy'.


Dear All - especially our professors,

Could you professors all please help by writing to New Scientist to inform them of the existence of this solution?
The solution is important to this group's aim of communicating SURVIVAL as fact since it forms a main feature of its explanation.
It is also absurd that £billions are being wasted in efforts to uncover the mystery when a solution was published even before the discovery.

I can't do it since editors throw out submissions from people with the 'wrong' qualifications.

The gist of it is as follows:
I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the accelerating expansion of the universe was predicted in 1992 long before its discovery.

This was the result of a solution to the inflation problem of the big bang. The derivation used by Dr. Alan Guth was based on the false logic of a negative pressure cancelling energy density. As result this failed to provide a means for any energy creation switch-off. The result was ''The Problem of the Cosmological Constant' - an error 10^120 times too high!

The solution that provided the creation switch-off used an energy symmetry. This also had the inherent feature of predicting a universe in a state of slowly ever-accelerating expansion - even before the name Dark Energy was even coined!

This was first published by the Russian Academy of Science and Arts in 1994 under the title 'Quantum Gravitation and the Structured Ether' and later in the Spring/Summer edition of 1997 in Frontier Perspectives pp.70-78 under the title 'Consciousness as a Sub Quantum Phenomenon'.

This was commended by the editor after full peer-review but nobody reads it since the title was inadvertently omitted from the contents list.

The point is that from a solution to the major problem a solution for what is now called 'Dark Energy' arose as a natural consequence. It is the sub-quantum ultimate reality that generates the waves on which the quantum level depends. Organised wave generation results from the self-organising power of energy-fed chaos.

I do hope that you can help to draw attention to the fact that Dark Energy holds no real mystery since the mechanism by which it operates has been known for 22 years.

The 1997 article does not provide the maths but this is fully available via the website:
Kind Regards,
Ron Pearson

Ron Pearson
Ron Pearson (Born March, 1925) is a mechanical engineer and former university lecturer in thermodynamics and fluid mechanics. He has discovered a structure of the ether that has potential to evolve intelligence, and has provided the mathematics to back up the experiments of Sir William Crookes and Charles Richet. In these experiments, deceased people returned, proving they had survived death.

Pearson provides the theory needed to explain not only telepathy, but also the entire spectrum of the so-called 'paranormal' as testable real effects. It also covers non-locality that no physicists have explained.

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