E-mail from Michael Roll to Barry Duke (November 9, 2003): A Rational Explanation for "Supernatural" Phenomena

To Barry Duke: Editor of The Freethinker


Your blood is not boiling alone. Every atheist in the world feels the same as you do about these crazy religious maniacs who are tearing the world apart. For goodness sake do a u-turn. All the time you are supporting James Randi and his pals you are keeping the Pope and the whole grisly religious shooting-match in power. Scientists have discovered people in the invisible part of the universe. Not angels, devils, gods or God, but people who are just as thick and stupid as when they were on Earth. Many are really rotten people who pretend to be God when they make contact via mediums.
"This is God speaking",

incredibly some people even today fall for this crap.

The priests, mullahs and rabbis know they are done for immediately this secular scientific case for survival hits the masses, hence the block. This evil bunch know what we know, there is no place for a faith or a belief system when the scientific proof of anything comes along. People once worshipped the sun until they found out what it was.

As things stand at the moment you and The Freethinker are fighting on the same part of the battlefield as the "porous condoms" brigade and that fellow who murdered his daughter because she was behaving like a Western woman.

For goodness sake don't fall for Randi's propaganda, we are your friends, not him. For example, those who control the one-god religion of Spiritualism have declared war on my (Findlay's) rational scientific approach to the subject of survival after death:
"Ever since Michael Roll has been writing this scientific rubbish in Psychic News I refuse to read it."

Gordon Higginson, President of The Spiritualists National Union

Spiritualism is an officially recognised one-god religion and they are fighting as hard as the Pope in order to block uncomfortable discoveries in physics that prove we all survive the death of our physical bodies and are immediately reunited with our loved ones who have gone before us. They have ministers of religion, say prayers and sing hymns. Their number one principle is "The Fatherhood of God".

This is all specifically designed to make sure no follower of Thomas Paine or Arthur Findlay goes near the Spiritualist movement. This way it can only attract refugees from Christianity and other peddlers of supernatural fiction who are prepared to take part in religious services.

Michael Roll