E-mail from John Gillespie to Michael Roll (November 10, 2003): A Rational Explanation for "Supernatural" Phenomena


what a fantastic letter and as usual you had me on the edge of my seat.

I cannot agree with you more about the drivel that comes out of the mouths of many within 'Spiritualism', especially those who have not fully understood the wider ramifications of a spirit existence.

It seems that many in power cannot rest with the thought of a 'cosmic consciousness' or all-pervading background medium as suggested by good-old Ron. It is unfortunate that the Spiritualist movement clings to a belief system that requires the existence of a 'God' instead of a more rational concept of our 'animating spirit' being no more than an aspect of the universal whole, on loan as it were, incarnated to experience and learn life.

If we accept that we are fragments of an all-pervading 'creative' energy then at a stretch we could say 'The Fatherhood of God' although I feel Arthur Findlay would still turn in his grave because of the religious implications.

Our society is so wrapped up in religion, where 'my god is bigger and better than yours' that it has missed the point. The point being to follow a philosophy where life is looked at in its truest sense as very short and to consider not only how incredible the fact that we do 'live' but why, what is the purpose of our short journey on this lump of rock hurtling through space.

Religion may have had the answer two thousand years ago when people were held in ignorance, but not now! True salvation is free thought and philosophical freedom and not false prophets or gods, or blind faith in the perversity, bigotry and irrationality of any system of religious belief.


John G

John Gillespie is a member of the Spiritualist movement.