E-mail from Michael Roll to Charlotte Leslie MP (December 5, 2013): "Militant Atheists?"

To Charlotte Leslie MP

Many thanks for passing on the letter from the schools minister Lord Nash.

I am very sorry to hear that there are no plans to stop our children being brainwashed with supernatural religious absurdities in so-called Faith schools.

My friends at the golf club are coming up to me and saying, “Do you know Mike, it is religion that is causing all the terrible killing throughout the world.”

At last the penny has dropped.

Even the television presenters are making it very clear that a “sectarian killing” is in fact a religious killing.

Is the Government really going to carry on pumping tax payers money into religious schools of indoctrination just like in Northern Ireland?

If this is the case, then as a former Conservative Party worker I can no longer give my support. I am sending the letter below to every local paper in the country.

The Western Daily Press has already had the courage to publish the truth.

Michael Roll

From Lord Nash’s letter to Charlotte Leslie (October 31, 2013):

"Parents also have the right to withdraw their children from all or any part of religious education, and this right also applies to faith schools. In addition, parents have the right to withdraw their children from collective worship. Students in the sixth form have the right to decide to do this for themselves without the need for parent's permission. In either case, the school must respect this right."

This vital paragraph should be exposed because it singles out children to be bullied.
It could even lead to the poor little mites committing suicide.
Can you imagine what would happen to them in the playground and after school?

John Pilger
Charlotte Leslie has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Bristol North West constituency since May, 2010. She is a trustee of the Teacher Development Trust, and a member of rail campaign group Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways.