E-mail from Michael Roll to Tricia Robertson (April 4, 2014): The Reason why new Discoveries in Physics are Censored

Well said Tricia,

I have got rid of the dreadful priestly word “belief” from my vocabulary. I accept things, reject things and anything I am not too sure about I put in my pending tray to think about.

I can always bring back something I have rejected if new scientific discoveries demand it.

It is people who have been brainwashed to believe in supernatural religious absurdities who are tearing the world apart. Look at Syria. Sunnis and Shia Muslims killing each other over nothing whatsoever, apart from supernatural mythology that has gone completely mad. Muslims are brainwashed to hate each other just as much as Christians are. Roman Catholic v Protesting Catholics v Orthodox Christians v believers in Judaism. All fighting over something that priests invented in the dark age of ignorance. Men who knew nothing about the Cosmos, especially subatomic physics – forces that are normally out of range of our five physical senses.

In the 21st century we are now able to understand why our ancestors invented all the dangerous and divisive religions. They misunderstood and misinterpreted natural forces in the universe and jumped to the wrong conclusions.

When I took part in the Rita Goold experiment in 1983 it all came clear. I witnessed what the disciples of Jesus witnessed, one of them must have been a materialisation medium like Rita Goold or Florence Cook, the medium that Sir William Crookes worked with. I was able to touch the “dead” people who materialised, they were exactly the same as we are for the time they had managed to materialise on Earth. Turning the philosopher known as Jesus into the saviour-god called Christ was a big mistake. Crookes did not make the mistake of turning Katie King into a god, and I know my father was not a god.

This is the reason why we are blocked from mainstream media and educational outlets. This is the reason why Professor Stephen Hawking went to see the Pope.

All the time orthodox scientific teaching starts from the false base that the mind and brain are the same, that there is no question of any person surviving the death of their physical body, then this leaves what the priests are teaching as the only alternative. As Professor Josephson has made very clear, it keeps the money flowing in the direction of the priests, who have a monopoly on the vast and lucrative life after death industry, and their powerful materialistic allies who are working from a false model of the universe, that there is no spiritual part of the universe.
“It’s hard to change how people think. People have vested interests, and their projects and reputations would be threatened if certain things were shown to be true.”

Professor B.D. Josephson, Nobel Laureate for Physics.
Mind-Matter Unification Project at Cambridge University.
Interview in New Scientist 9 December, 2006.

Michael Roll

From: Tricia Robertson
It is not a matter of belief, it is a matter of experience and evidence.
Stick to what you know to be a fact.