E-mail from Michael Roll to Polly Toynbee (May 3, 2014): These Religious Nuts are Determined to get us in a Third World War


for goodness sake let our fellow atheists know what is going on.

Incredibly, most are still victims of the brilliant Vatican propaganda machine. The attack on our scientists from the Vatican and its agents is just as comprehensive as the attack on Galileo and Bruno. Our contemporary scientists are even more dangerous to this evil empire. The key to this is what the Pope said to Professor Stephen Hawking. “I don’t care what you do in science just as long as you never encroach on my subject, life after death.” I was in the right place at the right time. Hawking was giving a press conference on his return from seeing the Pope. It was a lunchtime news item, this is what he said to the journalists.

Look! Even my local paper was too frightened to publish the truth that the prime minister of the Ukraine has recently ended up at the Vatican. They cut that vital first line from my published letter. Only Nigel Farage has had the guts to warn that it is the EU that is causing all the hatred in the Ukraine.

Please fire with your pen. Merkel is now with Obama, both brainwashed by priests.

You will notice that it was me who was invited on ‘The Big Questions’ BBC television programme. I am only a messenger without any qualifications at all. I would have been destroyed in the editing. I will eat my hat if I see our top scientific experts on the programme – Professor Peter Wadhams, Ocean physics at Cambridge University and the Nobel Laureate for Physics, Professor Brian Josephson. The world’s foremost expert at how the mind reacts with matter. His only mainstream media outlets have been that one BBC Radio 4 interview that is on his website and just one interview in New Scientist a few years ago.

Look below, our fellow atheist Ron Pearson had to go to Russia in order to get his scientific discoveries published. He has exposed the Roman Catholic priest, Georges Lemaitre, who came up with this crazy Big Bang theory. Just so that they can say that it was their God that caused the Big Bang.

Also The Telegraph on Monday 27 January, 2014 – Obituaries – Professor Halton Arp. He was destroyed by his peers for daring to expose this Big Bang nonsense. Quasars, these huge explosions in space, are new galaxies coming into life.

The two great sacred cows of science, Einstein and the Big Bang, are keeping the priests, mullahs and rabbis in the manner to which they are accustomed – huge amounts of money still being pumped at them. This false materialistic model of the universe is making them the only alternative.

The key is the ether, it should never have been done away with. It has been brought back under a new name Dark Energy or Dark Matter. All scientists now agree that 95% of the universe is missing. This is what the religionists refer to as the spiritual part of the universe. It is where we come from and return to after our short stay on Earth. Just as Richard Dawkins says, everything is natural and normal.

We are all being taken for a terrible ride by our corrupt leaders and teachers.

Michael Roll

On April 30, 2014, Sheena Lahive, Assistant Producer at Mentorn Media, Glasgow, invited Michael Roll to appear on The Big Questions, a Sunday morning debate show on BBC One to be presented by Nicky Campbell. Michael Roll suggested that Professors Brian Josephson and Peter Wadhams appear on the programme instead.

Polly Toynbee
Polly Toynbee is an English journalist and author, and has been a columnist for the Guardian since 1998. At the 2007 British Press Awards, she was named 'Columnist of the Year'. She was President of the British Humanist Association between 2007 and 2012, and is currently its Vice President.