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Ron Pearson gives a summary of some significant milestones in over 30 years of work that has culminated in his Big Breed theory. He outlines practical ways to encourage scientists to at last take note of these solutions to vital unresolved questions in cosmology.
Ron Pearson

Ron Pearson

  1. A solution to the problem of the big bang that makes an absurd prediction.
  2. To complete the solution to 1, an alternative to relativity had to be formulated.
  3. A solution to the problem of 'Dark Energy' that was not discovered until 1998 when cosmologists were taken by surprise.
  • It is important that physicists and cosmologists are made aware that some solutions to vexed questions exist that they have been prevented from seeing.

    These three solutions in physics have been available since 1992 and nobody else has yet provided solutions.
    Ron Pearson
  • Dr Essen said that, since it was impossible to publish critiques or alternatives to Einstein’s theories in the West, I should try Russia.

    He invited me to go there as his deputy.
    Ron Pearson
  • Professor F.M. Kanarev proposed my alternative to relativity should be adopted for teaching throughout Russia.
    Ron Pearson
  • You are well known in cosmology circles, as a Maverick. No journal is ever going to publish any of your work.
    Professor Bernard Carr
  • But what is the use of their speculation when the problem of the cosmological constant, which still invalidates the big bang theory, remains unresolved as far as they are concerned?
    Ron Pearson
In his e-mail, Michael Roll writes:
"Newton was on our side, he recognised that we all possess a soul that separates from the dead physical body."
In his e-mail, Michael Roll writes:
"We should have been following Sir Isaac Newton's spiritual model of the universe, not Einstein's materialistic model."
In his e-mail, Michael Roll writes:
"This nonsense was the spark that started the First World War in the Balkans. By not making this clear the historian Montefiore gave the impression that these Christians were actually killing each other over something, instead of nothing at all."

This e-mail was published in full in the Western Daily Press (December 14, 2013)
In his e-mail, Michael Roll writes:
"It is now time to give people a scientific balance on mainstream media and educational outlets: Newton or Einstein?"
In his e-mail, Michael Roll writes:
"All the hard work has already been done but suppressed. All we have to do is just point people in the direction of two philosophical giants, Thomas Paine and Arthur Findlay, the most valuable Scotsman ever."

In his e-mail, Michael Roll writes:
"How right you were when you made that statement that the greatest breakthrough will come via physics and not psychology."
In his e-mail, Michael Roll writes:
"It is now time that Thomas Paine’s masterpiece ‘The Age of Reason’ (1794) was introduced in all our schools in order to give children a balance."
Sally Morgan is a mental medium who has done excellent work providing people with personal experience of survival after death.

Sally Morgan
Sally Morgan

From PressGazette (June 20, 2013):

”The Daily Mail has agreed to pay TV psychic Sally Morgan £125,000 in damages as well as legal costs over a 2011 story which accused her of being a charlatan.


[Her solicitor Graham Atkins] said the allegation Morgan had cheated her audience was "completely false and defamatory of her" and had caused her "enormous distress". The Daily Mail has now accepted the allegation was untrue, he said, and agreed to pay "substantial damages" and libel costs.

Legal costs are likely to be substantial in view of the fact that the case [is] on the brink of going to a three-week trial which had been set to start this month.”

This is an extremely important precedent, as it will have far-reaching consequences in the way skeptics use derogatory language against specific mediums. Now, if anyone claims or imputes that a specific genuine medium is a fraud, the medium could sue for defamation.

This is good news if it means that anyone who would, for example, accuse scientists recording afterlife phenomena as merely performing "simple conjuring tricks" will perhaps think again before repeating such remarks.

It remains to be seen what, in future, will be the reaction to anyone asserting that, for example, ”all mediums are frauds”.

We appear to have come a long way since the trial and subsequent incarceration of the materialisation medium Helen Duncan in 1944 under the 1735 Witchcraft Act.

In 2001, Michael Roll was interviewed by Jenny Smedley on Taunton TV.
Taunton TV broadcast to Taunton and Wellington (Somerset, South West England).
The station closed in 2002.

In the interview, Michael Roll talks about the important work of the chemist Sir William Crookes, who, working with a materialisation medium, proved in repeated scientific experiments under laboratory conditions that we all survive the death of our physical bodies. The results of these experiments were published in 1874 in the Quarterly Journal of Science. Michael tells that the physicist Sir Oliver Lodge, in his 1933 lecture The Mode of Future Existence, proposed a cosmological location for the so-called spiritual part of the universe. 

Michael Roll links these major breakthroughs in scientific understanding with the work of Ron Pearson, who has discovered a structure of the ether that has potential to evolve intelligence. Ron Pearson has provided the mathematical theory to back up the experiments of Sir William Crookes.

In his e-mail, Michael Roll writes:
"Sorry Ron, the Church has moved much further away from Jesus in the last few years, not closer."
In his e-mail, Michael Roll writes:
"I am very sorry to hear that there are no plans to stop our children being brainwashed with supernatural religious absurdities in so-called Faith schools."

In his e-mail, Michael Roll writes:
"It will be impossible for our leaders and teachers to deceive people for much longer."
In his e-mail, Michael Roll writes:
"Everybody who has made a careful study of life after death knows very well that (…) our pioneers of radio and television (…) were linking the subject of survival after death with subatomic physics."
Sam Parnia – the man who could bring you back from the dead - by Tim Adams, The Observer (April 6, 2013)

Sam Parnia
Sam Parnia, MD, PhD is founder and director of the Human Consciousness Project at the University of Southampton, England, and Director of Resuscitation Research at Stony Brook University School of Medicine.

From the article by Tim Adams:

The Lazarus Effect is nothing short of an attempt to recast our understanding of death, based on Parnia's intimate knowledge of the newly porous nature of the previously "undiscovered country from which no traveller returns". His work in resuscitation has led him logically to wider questions of what constitutes being and not being. In particular, he asks what exactly happens, if you are lying dead before resuscitation, to your individual self and all its attendant character and memories – your "soul", as he is not shy to call it – before it is eventually restored to you a few hours later?

This article in The Observer is significant, as it would appear to confirm that Sam Parnia is getting more support for his work on the scientific study of consciousness now he is in the USA than he got in England. Not so long ago, if this non-religious man had dared to support the idea that we have a soul, he would have been viciously attacked by an army of “experts”, led by the psychologists Blackmore, French, and Wiseman. These “experts” have declared war on the Greek source of their word: Psyche = Soul. Their reputations stand on their materialistic position that life ends with the death of the physical body. This is quite simply false, as we all possess a soul that survives the death of our physical bodies. More and more people are now coming to accept this as scientific fact.

As Sam Parnia says, people do not so much have a “near-death experience” as a death experience.

Bill Bailey - Jungle Hero
Bill Bailey Talking About Alfred Russel Wallace

The truth is now being told about Alfred Russel Wallace. To coincide with the centenary of Alfred Russel Wallace's death, BBC Two is broadcasting a two-part documentary about the co-originator of the theory of evolution. Bill Bailey's Jungle Hero is devised and presented by comedian Bill Bailey.

This broadcast should now lead to journalists to also tell the truth about Sir Oliver Lodge: That Lodge was the first person to send a radio signal, in 1894.

Both these great scientists have been written out of our history books because they both committed the same “crime”: they made a careful study of survival after death as something that is natural and normal, a branch of physics, chemistry, and mathematics.
It will be impossible to block uncomfortable discoveries in subatomic physics for much longer.

In his e-mail, George Barker writes:
"I feel the same (…) about the difficulty of informing people that death is going to another place and that all this fervour for religions or materialisms of various forms is nonsense."

George Barker
George Barker B.Eng., M.I.Mech.E. (1918 - December 2, 2013) was an engineer officer in the Royal Air Force during World War II, after which he studied mechanical engineering at University College London. He was Secretary of the Bournemouth Philharmonic Society and a member of the Orchestra of the Bournemouth Philharmonic Society. In later life, he also built websites.

He was an insightful researcher of afterlife phenomena:
"Perhaps because I'm a crabby cynical nonagenarian I have a feeling that these self-proclaimed skeptics know from all their involvement in psychic matters that we are right, but their incomes and pensions depend on continuing to substantiate orthodoxy as long as possible." (April 8, 2013)

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